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    SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    Hello all. Leedy from gurubashi here. Shadow Priest Pvp. Anyway right to the question. I realize that priest dots now benefit from haste. But honestly how good is haste for shadow priests? I recently started stacking a few pieces of gear with haste. I was initially a disc priest, so i've been stacking +spir gear, so i have 118 haste atm, but i was curious if i should get black magic or 63sp. I probably need more haste to notice, but i wanted to hear from other people and their experience with haste, or if they even notice. Or even if they even bother trying to go for haste. idk O_O

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    Re: SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    No. Some classes use BM in PvE, and a mage could probably find use from it in PvP if well timed. As for a shadow priest? No.

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    Re: SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    Black Magic is too random and unreliable.

    Go with the static SP.

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    Re: SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    on the theoretical tank/spank black magic would be better. In a real fight Spell power ends up being better. All it takes is losing 1sec out of the 10sec buff due to moving etc, for spell power to out do black magic.

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    Re: SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    Haste is really really REALLY good in PVP. Howevern, in PVP, you want to have reliable abilities you can count on.

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    Re: SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    Thanks 1200 rated people for giving advice... :S

    63SP is pretty much never gonna be the difference between wining and losing. Black magic, on the other hand, is gonna allow you to get an extra cast off many, many times, and I know my mage teammate fell in love with it at the very first sight. We're not in TBC anymore, you don't slowly grind someone down, kills come from burst and 300 haste >>>> 63 SP. Some proc will be completely wastes, but trust me it's far superior ^^

    Try it, I can guarantee you after a few proc at the perfect time you'll never look back!

    Edit: You should try to get all the haste gear instead of crit, crit is very weak for a SP and haste not only hasten dot damage, it reduces your GCD. If you face someone fully crit geared, he should lose every time, because getting an extra crit or two is never gonna make up for you having a 0.2sec shorter GCD. He might hit a little harder, but you getting extra casts or casting first is always superior. Priests tend to always be GCD capped, so haste haste haste haste my friend ^^

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    Re: SPriest pvp- Black Magic or 63Sp?

    I think its highly dependant on what your strategy is... if you're trying to wizard cleave/shadow play there may be benefit in black magic... pop bloodlust during a BM proc and get some very fast ticking dots on everything.

    However as others point out, it may be too hard to time the BM proc to max effeciency... if you get a BM proc and have to act defensively, you have possible wasted your benefit.

    It's really going to boil down to if you are able to maximise those random procs or not... you can get timers to tell you when they are likely to occur, but at the end of the day it possibly adds an aspect to your comp thats too difficult to manage.

    Having said that, if you can manage it, it perhaps highlights the distinction between ok players and good players. I'd base a decision on your personal experience and whether your UI has the capability to tell you when a proc is likely going to occur etc.

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