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    Re: Anyone play aion?

    It's fun to play on weekends when there is 2x XP but that's about it imo.

    Wish it actually turned out to be as good as WoW at endgame :S
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    Re: Anyone play aion?

    It was awesome. It just wasn't WoW. The whole flying thing added a whole new dimension to the game and I would probably still be playing it if PVP was like I hoped: Awesome, everchanging and challenging.

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    Re: Anyone play aion?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lolzmoonfire
    A friend of mine left WoW and played Aion for a while. He said that the first 20 levels were pretty fun, but after that it gets really boring. It starts to turn into a huge grindfest, as most MMO's from that region tend to do. Anyways, he was back to WoW within a couple months.

    If you want a break from WoW, you could definitely give it a shot. Though to me it sounds like you just need a break completely. I'd suggest turning off your subscription for a few months and doing completely unrelated things.
    It is a korean mmo that is there mo of creating rpgs. Also pve seemed really tacked on at the last second which was a horrible thing.

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