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    JC -> Help!

    Hey guy's i am stuck at 221 in jc and i am wondering how i can lvl it higher ... i want my epic flying mount soon :<

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    Re: JC -> Help!

    Depending on your server economy, this will probably be the worst part to level.

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    Re: JC -> Help!

    don't follow guides. guides are ok when they are released, but for every day passing from that point, other people read the and use the AH with that in mind. use a site like and check recipees for the profession around your level, check AH for cheapest mats and save a fair amount of gold. sure, it'll take you longer than using a guide, but you can save a lot of gold on it aswell. (take it from someone who's got 4 chars at 450 jc kk ;D )

    also, check the AH for the items you're planning on crafting aswell, to see if you can actually make some money back on them..

    the 210-250 range is usually a bit expensive on some realms, but there's ways of working around it obviously... anyhow, easiest recipee at 220+ would be

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