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    Holy Help!

    Hey guys,

    Here is my armory first of all.

    I've been looking at changing my holy spec around a little bit. I find myself using flash heal a lot so I was wondering if I would be gimping myself by using this spec:

    I know it doesn't have Body and Soul and Blessed Resilience, I wasn't really sure if it was mandatory or not. I've looked around some for specs and such but I wanted to see what other peoples opinions are. Thanks guys

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    Re: Holy Help!

    I'll take the silence of the people looking at my post as a /facepalm?

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    Re: Holy Help!

    No facepalm from me. There are a lot of goodies deep in the Holy tree, you're bound to leave a few of them out of your spec.

    A few things about your suggested spec:

    - Improved Healing is not going to save you much mana. Better to put those points in either Spell Warding or Divine Fury, I'd probably go with Divine Fury just in case you need to pump out a quick GHeal.

    - Blessed Resilience vs. Empowered Healing is a long ongoing debate. The short answer: pick the one that makes more sense for your playstyle. If you are heavily reliant on FH, then spec Emp Healing - if you're like most Holy Priests and find yourself using various heals in various ways, spec Blessed Resilience for the extra versatility.

    - Body and Soul can come in handy but is in no way required. Personally I've never bothered to spec into it.

    - I'd also aim for 3/3 Empowered Renew for fights where Renew is fantastic ("aura" fights with constant pulses of raid-wide damage).

    And as far as your armory goes, please enchant your gear, and Insightful Earthsiege Diamond is a wonderful meta (huge mana returns).

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    Re: Holy Help!

    Im working on getting it enchanted. Believe me I know it looks bad haha. and they meta I put in when this was more of an alt. I'll be fixing all of that in this coming week. Thanks for the input.

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    Re: Holy Help!

    95% of my raiding experience at least in this expansion has been 10 man. So, take this with a grain of salt.

    After spending a lot of time and respecs I've come up with pretty much the only way that works for me:

    #1 Flash heal spam just doesn't work, my guild was doing blood queen attempts the other night and I was spamming flash heals and doing PoH with serendipity and coh's inbetween. I was speced this way:,,11623

    I was averaging about 5500 maybe 6k output in rare cases where the PoH actually landed on all 5 people for full effect. So, then I decided to respec and try the renew spamming fail build. So, I look down on our first attempt and I'm at 8k hps which I didn't believe but several attempts later i'd spiked all the way to 9k at one point. So, trust me it's just not going to work out if you wanna use flash heals.

    That and PoH was still only 15% of my total healing when I was checking the logs. Gheal was like 1% I'd cast 15 in the entire night and only 1 saved someone from dying. So, seeing as flash heal isn't matching the output of renew spamming for the same mana and Serendipity pales in comparison to CoH and PoM in overall numbers...

    I've come up with this spec:,-tH,11623

    Keep in mind I raid every night with a pally healer and on 3 heal fights a pally healer and a resto durid.

    As for gearing and enchants, I've found the pawn addon with Bob turkey's script to be pretty much right on for what I was looking for in stats and gems / enchants.

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    Re: Holy Help!

    FH vs. Renew, in most situations you need the versatility to do either/or. BQL is a fantastic example of a fight where Renew shines. Other fights with more bursty damage, you will want FH. I don't see much use for a Holy build without Serendipity to be honest, even if you only use FH on your SoL procs it's still going to stack up rather quickly and help you get out a quick PoH when needed.

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    Re: Holy Help!

    First, missing Blessed Resilience is a bad idea, even if you're going for a FH build. The math has been done in multiple other threads, so I won't bother to reitterate, but the important thing to realize is the BR affects ALL of your heals by a flat percentage where EH affects SOME of your heals and only the SP component. Even at high gear levels, BR is a flatly better talent because of abilities like CoH, PoH, PoM, which make up the largest portion of your healing beyond your filler. Also keep in mind that EH is worse at lower gear levels, and at yours, it would take roughly 50% of your heals being FH to make it equal to BR and, quite frankly, if you're casting that many FHs, even as a FH oriented build, you're doing something very wrong.

    Second, drop Improved Healing. The only significant effect of that talent is on Greater Heal, and since you don't even have Divine Fury, it just isn't worth the contribution. I'd strongly suggest dropping it and putting those points in either Spiritual Warding or Divine Fury, whichever you prefer.

    Third, if you're really focusing on a FH build, I'm not even sure the one point in Empowered Renew is worth it since you'll barely be casting it and the only real purpose of it would be to proc Holy Concentration, but with you barely casting it, is it really going to make any meaningful contribution to your regen? Instead, I'd consider dropping it, Inner Focus, and probably a point from Surge of Light to make sure you can maximize Empowered Healing along with Blessed Resilience, or using some of those points toward Body and Soul.

    Ultimately, as was mentioned above, you may find you're using FH a lot, but I'd recommend at least trying toward favoring Renew. It is generally superior throughput, it generally has better synergy with the damage patterns in ICC, increases player mobility, and allows for more talent flexibility as well.

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