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    paul gilbert, canidate for god.

    GILBERT 2012



    seriously. I think Paul Gilbert would outshred Jesus and give God a run for his money.

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    Re: paul gilbert, canidate for god.

    I think Paul Gilbert would outshred Jesus because Jesus has probably never heard of an electric guitar. He was a hippy after all.

    Ohyeah, and Paul Gilbert is awesome.

    That is all.

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    Re: paul gilbert, canidate for god.


    Paul Gilbert is the Chuck Norris of music. I always die a little inside when people call EVH the greatest shredder ever (though they've probably never even heard of Paul, and thus can't really be blamed).
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    Re: paul gilbert, canidate for god.

    i agree. i saw that video for technical difficulties about a year ago, and it friggin blew my mind. paul can shreeeeeeed.
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