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    What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    Since the whole world is getting torn asunder for the most part and leveling and questing 1-60 are getting sort of streamlined per race. What does that mean for leveling our professions 1-300? Does that mean every Herb/Mineral Vein has to be available through those paths? In addition to that do you think they will be changing the drop rate for things such as Crusader/Lifesteal and what does that mean for old rep bought patters like the ones from the Furblogs and Thorium Brotherhood?

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    Re: What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    Most likely the old mats and patterns will either A: Cease to exit. Or B: Become alot more "accessible". (Wouldnt surprise me to see things like Crusader from something as simple as the trainer..) Or C: A mix of both.

    In case of C it would be something like getting Crusader from the trainer and it no longer requiring Crusader Orbs because they would no longer be obtainable.
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    Re: What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    It means new st00f.

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    Re: What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    Some may change sure, but having things like crusader trainer taught ? I don't think so.
    There have to be some rarer craftables for any profession, and the upcoming multi-skillups from the rarer items you can craft - aka more than 1 skill point from an item, then that will help with the streamlining.
    Certainly a lot less of the "+x points" on a stat enchant would be nice, you can barely sell anything prior to the likes of fiery/icy/crusader or the rather rarer sp and agi enchants.
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    Re: What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    One thing is for sure, it will be alot faster to skillup gathering professions for high lvl players. This is ofcourse because of flying mounts beeing useable in azeroth, tho we dont know for sure how it will work out just yet. And there will probably be restrictions aswell where you can fly.

    But yeah, If you decide to drop a profession and skillup a gathering profession from scratch it should be alot faster when you can fly around.

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    Re: What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    I'm asking myself what will become of armor pen gems/recipes and all the ones with stats that get removed. Will they still excist and get converted to other stats?

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    Re: What does the cataclysm mean for old professions?

    what happens to reputation based recipees depends on what happens to those factions in cataclysm. new factions will arise, some might be unaccessible, some might get a lot more quests tied to them etc. we're going back to azeroth, so no reason for aeroth reps to not become more accessible. I wouldn't expect dropped recipees to change in any other than the mobs dropping them maybe going away. in which case they'd be put in as drops or trainable recipees I guess.
    I for one would love all low level old recipees to just be trainable now, it's about bloody time imo.

    as for leveling 1-300 (or 275/450/525(?)), there was talk about multiple skillups. green recipees keep giving 1, yellow 3 and orange up to 5 skillups per craft. if that only applies to a certain level or for new profession caps aswell remains to see. the lower levels (1-300 at least) will most likely be given longer leveling ranges (again) on some recipees aswell, mats reductions across the boards etc to make the old mats grind/ah farm easier/better. cataclsym will rework A LOT, and it'll be great :>

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