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    Demonology specc question

    So I've been under the hitcap now and with that I mean that I'm not capped with 17% even with a SP in the raid and a draenei in the group. I don't want to swap one of my rings cause I will loose some stats in sp and haste.
    I've been thinking about respeccing and put the two points in Master Summoner in Suppression instead, but for some reason I have never seen any lock before with that specc. If I've seen demo locks with point in Suppression they have mainly sacrifieced points in Imp Demonic Tactics.

    As far as I can see I don't actually need Master Summoner for raids, it's nice with less casting time and mana reduce, but not needed right?

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    Re: Demonology specc question

    I think it's required to get past a certain point in the tree. Without those points you can't much further in.

    I dont have time to check though. If not, go for it, no harm done.

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    Re: Demonology specc question

    i took 2 of the points from master summoner and put em into IMP corr seeing as i hardly ever get hit rating issues anymore and even if i do i have hit gear, but in ur case u can easily put them into supperssion, if thats still not enough jst try and farm either dying curse / living flame or the 60 frost emblem trinket.

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    Re: Demonology specc question

    and yes the scrafice of points in imp DT is purely because a. after testing i found it had plently of uptime and b come next patch the buff is gonna have 100% uptime anyway so they will be worthless points

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    Re: Demonology specc question

    WTS 80 hit rating.
    I'm over hit-capped, without supression, Just put the two points in supression, It's very important

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