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    Looking for the advice of the best.

    Hello, I have been reading these forums for a while and have learned a lot from posts in this section. I'm at the point where I have the gear and skill level I want for the most part. I'm now looking for those little tips and tricks that optimize DPS on certain boss fights in ICC10/25 to help me continue to improve my numbers. I'm sure there are many locks in my position that have the gear and the talent for their class and just looking for the little things to squeeze out 20 more DPS on a fight ect.

    Please feel free to share information, flame, or whatever you want to do in this thread.

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    Re: Looking for the advice of the best.

    Very broad subject here, but I suppose I could say a few words on some fights in ICC as Affliction.

    Marrowgar: Assuming you stack, Shadowflame when the spikes come up, it's about the best you can do (outside of a Nightfall proc) to help bring them down, continue regular rotation. The good part about this fight is ranged should get a jump on melee during bonestorm. If the fires are kind to you, and he doesn't run really far away, I've maintained 100% rotation throughout a bonestorm before, moving only during GCD's to avoid fire/get back into position.

    Deathwhisper: 1 or 2 DoTs should fall off on her, ever. My raid splits into 1 group assigned for left spawns, one for right, cleanup on back and the rest full time on the boss. If you're on the left, 2 Fanatics will spawn that you can DoT up - this might lead to a DoT or two dropping off Deathwhisper (but never a Corruption or you're 3x SE stack), but more DoTs on adds. If you're on the right, you only get 1 Fanatic to DoT up, but you lose less DPS time on the boss. Stand somewhere where you can reach both the boss and the adds, and use your portal to avoid/get back from DnD if you don't need the GCD's to tap/DoT. Since you've got a decent amount of GCD's during refreshing, moving from ghosts isn't hard in P2 - if you see one around you, move everytime you get 1 GCD of an instant. By the time it gets close, you'll know for sure if it's coming for you and you need to move more, if not, you haven't wasted any time.

    Gunship: Hella DoTs, AoE on your ship. LOL.

    Saurfang: Make a /tar Saurf /cast (insert Corruption refreshing spell here) for this fight. We split DPS up to target specific beasts, me and another Afflic. lock take care of one, it'll never reach us (gg coils/portal kite if it gets close). This way, you can roll NMiC Corruption with ease while still fulltime DPSing the add. Just be wary of how fast it'll run out during Hero/Lust.

    Rotface: I Sbolt/Haunt/UA as the tank pulls, and NMiC/Corr/CoA as I run in, there's no reason to stack on him in the first 3 seconds of the fight, but this allows me to start spamming Sbolt as soon as I get into position. Find a place to stand around the boss where a lot of people aren't (though your raid should be pretty evenly distributed if they're smart) so you get Slime Spray on you less. Even if you do, it's not a very big cone, usually 1 GCD of strafing left/right will put you into good position.

    Festergut: Depends on where you stand. My raid breaks up into 2 known "spore locations" for everyone to clump on. If you're lucky enough to be the person standing in that spot, you never have to move (we rotated who gets to stand still and break 10k for a few weeks, though now I break 10k as the person standing the farthest away). If you do have to move, try to save your GCD's for movement one way, and portal back. Though portal triggers a GCD, it can be used instantly, so you can use it the second you finish casting another spell. Of note here is the radius and timing of spores. The explosion area isn't 1yard, so you don't have to be right "on top" of the person with it to receive the debuff. Also, there is both a few seconds before, and after the explosion that you can use to DPS before movement.

    Putricide: We tank him up by the table, and drag him left/right depending on the Slime/Cloud that is about to spawn. For slimes: you can stand within range of the Slime when it spawns to start DPSing it right away, but drop a portal farther back. If you do get targeted, use the portal right before it reaches you to increase the DPS time your raid gets on it before it catches you (if it does). If you have a priest with Body and Soul in your raid team, then gas cloud kiting is pretty much a joke if it's slowed everytime. You can DPS basically in it's face and sprint away (portal too, depending on your kite path). Make sure to know when he starts casting Tear Gas to get DoTs in that'll tick between phases. IMO the hardest part as a ranged on this fight is watching out for Malleable Goo's when switching to a Slime/Cloud.

    Princes: I tank, see other threads for info on this.

    BQL: Be bitten first. Do mad DPS. Use portals to either get to the center for removing "Link", or to get back from it (depending on how quick you need to get there vs. other people). Remember that you have a limited amount of time to bite your target after your 1min of DPS expires, use it wisely.

    Dreamwalker: Destro for some good burst is a nice option. Be a part of the AoE on worms for increased DPS (S-fury on them is nice too).

    That's all I can offer, my guild hasn't done Sindragosa/LK yet. If anyone disagrees with what I've said, please comment on why , other than that, I hope some of this helps (again, really only as affliction).

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    Re: Looking for the advice of the best.

    R.I.P. YARG

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    Re: Looking for the advice of the best.

    Goatonlb thanks for the input

    gherkin that video is good stuff i myself have seen it before but I'm sure others haven't.

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    Re: Looking for the advice of the best.

    Dreamwalker: Destro for some good burst is a nice option. Be a part of the AoE on worms for increased DPS (S-fury on them is nice too).
    Hms, on dreamwalker it is more important to have good AoE utility than burst actually, if we are speaking 25man (forgot to check).
    Burst is obviously good on blazing but they should not be any problem cos those are like "EVERYONE ON BLAZING".

    Obviously it might differ from guild to guild but for us the times we wipe its cos we get overrun by Supressors or Rot Worms cos AoE simply sucked on those, making them consume more time than they should have.
    Affliction bring multidotting to the table and way better AoE than destro. What I am trying to say I guess, is that if a 25man lack burst they got a more fundamental problem.
    One single warlock going destro for burst wont save the day if the raid got trouble bringing larger mobs down. However bringing good AoE & multidotting/buffbot will contribute more overall than burst.

    My 50 cents
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    Re: Looking for the advice of the best.

    Bakis thanks for the input!

    keep it coming please

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