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    460 Herbalism question!

    Alright so my question is if i have herbalists gloves (+5 herbalism) and the gather enchant (another +5), Will this increase my chances of getting more herbs/frost lotus...

    I remember people doing it PRE-BC but dont know if blizz ever confirming that it does infact work this way

    Any one able to help me out?

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    Re: 460 Herbalism question!


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    Re: 460 Herbalism question!

    simply : no

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    Re: 460 Herbalism question!


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    Re: 460 Herbalism question!

    Herbalism skill has no effect on the results whatsoever. All it does is allow you to gather a certain type of herb and determine the base effect of the heal.

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    Re: 460 Herbalism question!

    yeah...fairly useless these days. long gone are the days of needing skinning enchants to be able to skin the beast in blackrock.

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