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    Relating WoW to music.

    I obtained an album from an artist called "Constance Demby." the other day.
    The album is "Novus Magnificant." and it has two 20 minute + long songs in it.
    This album had me thinking that the music is quite fitting for a Paladin of the Light.

    Or it fits the Cathedral time as being quite ambient it managed to involve choirs, organs and allsorts.
    I'll link you to an excerpt of the first part.


    So what music do you feel would benefit WoW in a good way whether it related to a certain class or a raid instance perhaps or just city music.
    I never turn the sound on for WoW, I find it quite annoying.

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    Re: Relating WoW to music.


    This would be great whenever I dual spec holy.

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    Re: Relating WoW to music.

    I'm always listening to Metallicas Call of Ktulu or The thing that should not be whenever I kill an old god (C'thun og Yogg) simply because it fits the subject and therefor got the right feeling. The old gods is inspired of HP lovecrafts ancient ones, C'thun is Cthulhu and Yogg-Saron is Yog-Sothoth and the music is basicly about Cthulhu.

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