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    American Idol?

    I know this thread is somewhat late but who have you been wanting to win , or is your favorite. (if you watch it) Also to some people who dont watch it here are some of the artists that are really good some have been voted off some are staying, and there are some staying completely because of looks

    Good Guy Preformances
    John Park (voted off)

    Joe Munoz (Voted off first night)

    Michael Lynche AKA Big Mike
    Amazing Preformance here -

    Alex Lambert (Unfairly voted off, really good) - Amazing preformance, got him voted off but was his best.

    Andrew Garcia
    This is not a semi-final preformance but was amazing,

    Lee Dewyze (My prediction of the winner) - Made Chasing Cars a better song - His best preformance my opinion - Made the ok song fireflies into an amazing song.

    Aaron Kelly - a little to old of a song for him but he did really good for his age

    Tim Urban (usually this guy sucks but he had one really good song)

    Casey James (He's pretty good)


    Crystal Bowersox (Amazing)

    Siobhan Magnus (Listen to the first song and listen to that note, amazing) (listen to the note at 1:20ish, amazing!)

    Lilly Scott (Voted off, definately didnt deserve to)

    Paige Miles (One of the best voices just cant use it right)

    Didi Benami

    Katelyn Epperly (voted off)

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    Re: American Idol?

    I personally don't care for American Idol. If I ever watch it, I will watch the start where they show all the bad singers. I never watch it at the end because well... I don't like modern music, let alone adding pointless drama to it.

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    Re: American Idol?

    As with pretty much all the talent shows, I wait until stuff is on youtube. That way I can skip all the crap and just watch the performances themselves. Then it's not bad, at least for those rare moments where you have that wow moment if someone REALLY good enters the stage. Cas Haley and Eli Mattson were two awesome examples in the past years. They, as the Hoff likes to state so frequently, blew me away. But the drama and blahblah around it? Just utterly bad and ridiculous. Wouldn't care much if I had to bear that to get to the performances.

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    Re: American Idol?

    I feel that Siobhan should win, but Crystal is pretty good too. None of the guys were really impressive to me which is a complete opposite of last year. Last year none of the girls were remarkable...and then you had Kris and Adam with the guys. Maybe Crystal and Siobhan in the finals. Would be awesome.

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    Re: American Idol?

    Mh, I just watched the videos you linked (as a german, I wasn't aware that a new season was on until this thread), and I have to say that all of them were quite boring. None of them was really bad or close to it, but with two exceptions it was all very common, and also mostly rather shallow voices. Nothing special and outstanding in any way.

    The two exceptions were Michael Lynche, since he has what I love so much about black voices. That... uhm... blackness? Very nice, but among those sharing the blessing of having such a voice it is still average. The other one is Didi Benami. She has that particular "fresh openness" - hard to describe. Some formants in the upper range that just make her sound very likable and beautiful. But again, as far as technique goes, also nothing outstanding. But pleasant to listen to. And she for sure is quite a cutie, although a whole lot too skinny. But this show isn't about looks in the end . A honorable mention goes to Crystal Bowersox, mostly for authenticity.

    The biggest let down was Lee Dewyze. I mean... what the hell? Squeeky mumbling is not what I consider good singing, as much likability he might have (not for me, but it seems I differ from the majority here). He seems rather one dimensional in his voice, and even in that dimension it isn't good. I'd go so far to say even below average.

    But maybe I'm a bit too much in the place of a musician here, since likability and looks and performance don't mean that much to me. It's voice and technique and richness in tone I need to hear, not someone I can like or would like to watch - these don't seem to be the key points for the average audience, and as such my POV isn't really representative if you go for "how much can we sell of that?", as opposed to "is it good music?", of which the latter seems to be of very low concern in popular culture nowadays anyway.

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    Re: American Idol?

    Quote Originally Posted by Medium9
    I to think Micheal Lynche is one of the best, alot of them are slightly boring, but yes he and siobhan are the best male and female singers in my opinion. Didi in my opinion was kind of boring but still likable.

    Edit: cut down quote. --Sunshine

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    Re: American Idol?

    The intimidatingly tall, black dude will win. If he doesn't, American Idol is a lost cause. Everybody this year has sucked.. It's saddening.
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