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    Linkin Park - "In Between" (animated music video)

    Yo bois n' gals of mmo-champion! :>

    I made this video a while back, but I need more views... erhm... I need to share it with more people, I mean ;D

    Anyways it's, like the title says, a music video to Linkin Park's song "In Between" (a very quiet song with Mike Shinoda singing, if you haven't heard it before) - inspired by the movie "John Q" starring Denzel Washington

    It is animated and edited entirely by me, myself and I, and I spend about a week on the project (for school)

    Here's the youtube.com-link:

    I'm really really proud of it, so ofc I hope you all enjoy it

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    Re: Linkin Park - "In Between" (animated music video)

    I think with more practice you could do quite well in animation.

    More defined characters, smoother transition between frames and your sorted really.
    Nice job on it.

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    Re: Linkin Park - "In Between" (animated music video)

    Thank you very much for some constructive criticism

    About the transition between the frames, I believe it's the framerate you're referring to, I am aware that it's a little "laggy" :P It was, however, a decision i made with my supervisor that it should be 5 fps, so that it wouldn't be too much work for me ^^

    But again: thanks for the constructive critics, so I know what I can work with


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    Re: Linkin Park - "In Between" (animated music video)

    You've definitely chosen a song that's a bit too much emo for my tastes, anyway the animation looks good

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