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    Dream Theater and Iron Maiden


    Iron Maiden touring along with Dream Theater omfg
    This my friends will be the hottest summer tour on the planet!
    Save your pennies and get some tickets, sell your soul if you have to.

    \m/ ;D \m/

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    Re: Dream Theater and Iron Maiden

    That's kinda fucking cool actually 8)
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    Re: Dream Theater and Iron Maiden

    << Going.

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    Re: Dream Theater and Iron Maiden

    North America is one f**king lucky continent. I guess I should be grateful that they're coming to Sweden to headline Sonisphere, but still...Maiden and DT at the same time...it's too good to be true.
    New studio album is win, though. It's been way too long since AMOLAD...really gonna be interesting to see what they sound like now. Personally I'm hoping for something close to DoD. It's my favorite album since Seventh Son, and it'd really be great with another one of that calibre.

    Edit: OK, didn't really read the whole thing through. They way I get it, the Sonisphere shows are going to be part of the tour, and they're going to be playing songs off the new album, but DT won't be coming along for the European leg. Does that sound right?
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