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  • They Need to make Warcraft 4

    77 61.11%
  • No they don't need to make Warcraft 4

    31 24.60%
  • Wait..WoW is based on another game?

    18 14.29%
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    Re: Why They Need Warcraft4

    Warcraft 4's release will be at least 2-3 years after WoW is dead.
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    Re: Why They Need Warcraft4

    Quote Originally Posted by Marique
    As much as I would like a Warcraft 4, I think blizzard is sticking with Starcraft as their RTS, Warcraft as their MMO and Diablo as there w/e that genre is.
    awesome? Diablo is of the genre awesome.

    but yes i see WC4 coming out after WoW dies off and i see it ending the franchise
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    Re: Why They Need Warcraft4

    With all the stuff Blizzard is working on right now (SC2, Diablo3, WoW expansions, unannounced MMO) we won't see a Warcraft 4 for a looong looong time.

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    Re: Why They Need Warcraft4

    i'll tell you what was wrong with the warsong adminstration.
    Quote Originally Posted by Easyplay
    I have an idea for a new ability that Warlock could get in Cataclysm.

    Upgrade/change Banish
    As you cast Banish on your enemy, the enemy will be bansihed to Twisting Nether where he/she would burn for eternity (just for few seconds).

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    Re: Why They Need Warcraft4

    Quote Originally Posted by metallicrowe
    i think that a warcraft 4 game could also open the way to introduce new lore to expand WoW, or lead to a possible WoW 2. the game designers have always said that they take inspiration from everything to weave into their games.
    why would they make WoW 2 when they can just upgrade the graphics engine for the current game? and since it's an mmo wouldn't it be pretty useless to make a second game that will just implent lore that could've been implented in the original game? :s

    rofl edit: Also /Thread
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