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    War strategy game (free to play, browser-based)


    I wanted to let everyone know about a game I play called Earth Empires.
    Earth Empires (previously known as Earth: 2025) is a free browser-based strategy game, where you control every aspect of a growing country. You develop the land, manage the economy, control the military, and deal with diplomacy and trade. Your actions are limited by turns, which are received at regular intervals, challenging you to get the most out of the limited turns available. This also means that you can spend as much or as little time on the game as you wish; a lot of players are able to run good countries while only spending 5-10mins per day. The goal of the game is to achieve the highest networth, which is the total value of assets your country owns, and protecting that networth from over 1000 other players around the world.

    Earth Empires comprises of five different servers, of which the most popular is the Council server. This server is just about to reset, meaning new players have a great opportunity to join in on the fun and start on the same level as everyone else. The Council server gives players the ability to create and join clans, which add another level of involvement and interaction to the game. Suddenly, your country is a part of a group of players, all working towards a common goal. Similar to individual countries, clans will either be trying to obtain the greatest total networth, or they will be trying to prove their strength by warring other clans, which involves coordinated efforts to destroy the opposition.

    Earth Empires can be found at www.earthempires.com

    My clan on the Council server, Collaboration, is currently accepting applications for the coming reset. We have a diverse group of people from all over the world, and are currently one of the largest clans on the server, with over 60 active members. We have a huge amount of experience in the game, with some members having played for over 10 years. We are willing to train all new players on every aspect of the game, and you will have a chance to experience both large-scale clan wars, as well as "netgaining" where the whole clan focuses on finishing with the highest networth. The clan website is also a great place to meet new people, chat about non-game related topics, play mafia (for those who know what it is), and there are occasionally opportunities to become more involved in the clan by moving into leadership.
    If interested, you can apply at our website, which is http://www.boxcarhosting.com/public/...?clanID=Collab

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    Re: War strategy game (free to play, browser-based)

    Why do I feel like I was just a target of a advertisement?

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