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    Bad Company 2 get together thread :)

    This goes out mainly to the PC users since i am one myself but people playing on the PS3 or Xbox360 can post here to if they feel like it : )

    So basiclly I made this thread so people can get together and have some fun Via BC2, people can just post there Soldier names and then other people can add them, maybe we could even have some for the lulz contest to find out who's the king of BC2 on MMO champ D: but i guess some people are to lazy to organize something like that including myself
    cheche à²*_à²*

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    Re: Bad Company 2 get together thread :)

    I'd be down for this I run it on PS3 currently, anyone out there interested in hosting some Hardcore Squad DM's I'd be down I ROLL RECON SON I need a medic to back me up.

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