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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Lol, great list! I fit in on atleast 3 of them and some really made me laugh irl! ;D

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    From the wowwiki posting

    "The" Healer

    This person is a good healer. Never lets the tank die. Never drops below 70% mana. Occasionally wipes the raid on farm runs when he gets bored and tries to see how low he can let the tank get before the big heal lands. Likes to see exactly how much of the Tank's HP he can heal in one big crit-heal but doesn't always time things right. See also: The Vindictive Healer.
    edit The Vindictive Healer

    Usually one of your better healers. Knows everyone in the guild on a first name basis. Has a sharp tongue at times. If you get the better of him verbally, or annoy him in some way, expect to sweat a bit before you get a heal next time you pull aggro. Can sometimes cause wipes if he's talking to the tank.

    ^me at 70. Holy paladin

    And i feel a new one is necessary, as these were level 70 ones on the wowwiki page.

    The Trash Tanker

    He plays a Ret paladin andhe has 2pc t10. You have no chance of holding aggro and he isn't going to let you. Every paladin has their beacon on him and every shaman is bouncing thier Chain heal through him. As annoyed as they are by him having aggro, trash dies a lot faster when he is alive.
    Pondering returning.
    Nikoll - Retribution Paladin

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    lol, I'm so 26
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    #25 is so much my guildmaster lolol, atleast for the eating part

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    All wer true but not over ventrilo as i mute ventrilo allways (my guild thinks im listening).

    Can't be bothered listening to lead if i already know how it goes after the 50th run...

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Very awsome Characters! we have em all in our guild

    <- Corpse

    actually both of us DKs in guild are Corpse
    my GF is rogue and Ego tho also a top dps

    Love this post going to Guild Thread

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    After reading some more, I have to say that I am a hybrid between the Rock and the Corpse...

    Ah, I remember those good old Hodir fights and almost every BC fight...
    Good times...

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    lol I'm definitely #17. I'm sure others bags have a lot more items than me but I'm definitely prepared.

    [img width=400][/img]

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    You should add "The Girlfriend".

    That girl that's with the raidleader or one of the class leaders, she's a healer and she blows at it.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    ...utter, utter genius...

    I dont think I'll be able to raid again without trying to match people to these!!


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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Hungry describes me well enough. I don't miss keys or anything (top charts well enough or can keep the raid alive when healing), but I'm the thin as a rail guy who constantly eats. 23 years old, 125 lbs, 5'10". Yeah...
    If there is ever a break between pulls or right after bosses, I get up and get something to eat. Pizza, cheesecake, pasta, grande meal from taco bell, 4 big macs from McDonald's, et cetera... >_>;
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Ever since I joined this game I've been The Hybrid. As of ATM I have 7 Charachters that can raid ICC 25 without being lackluster to bring. Worst thing is, I do get to play most of them..

    When you get tired, that is mostly frustrating.. I've been standing around wondering why I coulden't heal the raid, when I was playing my Fury Warrior.

    Its a tough life =(

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Thank you for the nice topic.
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    l laughted my ass off >< most of the times reflectsthe reality

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I've seen everyone of these types at least once in all my time.

    Fun fact about The Corpse: My current guild has a few people trying to get eachother killed intentionally on trash and such.

    I'm a Hybrid btw. A proud one at that, and usually the one that gets brought in for ICC 10 because many encounters can do with 2 or even just one healer (first part, especially) and then you have the healing intense fights like Dreamwalker or Festergut.
    In TBC, I had largely the same role as feral tank/dps.

    Bit of a Nr.17 too, if only for Fish Feasts and way more sp/mana flasks than I know what to do with. And gems ocassionally.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I'm glad that everyone is mixmashing their guildies together in this It's exactly what I thought of when I was making the list.

    I'm a mix of Hybrid, Corpse, and Entertainer, though I wish i had more of the entertaining trinkets, and a little less of the trash deaths..
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Very amusing. Would add in a few I seem to run in lately:

    In Character

    Perhaps more common on PVE and RP oriented realms, there's always that one guy that never seems to break character. Probably speaks in the third person, has flavor text for most of their spells, and if they are a class like a warlock they'll blame that wipe attempt they caused on the fact that, hell, they are a warlock, they're evil, and they meant to do it. Never your best player but generally never the worst, is either certifiably insane or will have a massive out of character meltdown right before they quit.

    The Alt
    Sort of the retarded cousin to the Hybrid, this guy, for whatever reason, is not on his main toon. And he's not really any good. But be nice to him, because chances are his main is an officer or key to most raids. May have a lot of toons, all of which he is merely adequate at except his main.

    The Secret DPS

    This guy probably knows a bit too much about the fight. In general, will always be that last healer that maybe isn't really needed but is there for a safety cushion, and will decide to basically DPS the fight anyway, despite what he's told. Generally an ele shaman, and sometimes a shadow priest, will generally switch to heals at just the right time so no one ever really calls them out on this method of play.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    This guy wins.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Im deffo #13 The Ego. I did a ICC25 with my guild with gear I hadn't upgraded since Ulduar and was spamming the RL pointing out I was still at the top of the charts. Amusing.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    hi, my name is corpse, and im addicted to dpsing the floor.
    PlayStation suporter.
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