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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrill
    The Corpse at your service.
    LMAO, I know a few of those in my guild. God bless em lol
    Quote Originally Posted by danielu100 View Post
    gharld fu cked name,all my friends are playing on this patch and its going fine,u fu cking ugly kid go comment ur mother face not here, morron shit.
    50% nerdrage, 50% wut? o.O

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    only people that really stick out in our 25 mans are the 4 or so "leaders"

    you have 4 shepherds and 21 sheep, and the shepherds are the ones describing boss strats, debating on vent about who gets that axe from marrowgar, etc.

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    i saved this page because i loved it so much, it could prob use an update though

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    highly LIKE this!!!!

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    I'm #1, #3, and #12. Thank goodness Im the leader otherwise I wouldn't have all these shinies cuz i would get gkicked :P.

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    13 and 23 During WOTLK. Top gear and top dps of realm... Yet always bringing fun to the raid.

    Not sure what i am now since i am on a raiding break

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    15) Hard Done By - That's me.

    I love whining about my gear not dropping (just need a belt from Sinestra to replace my 372 belt and wrists from Magmaw to replace my 359 one), when there's this mage that still need 359 stuff.

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    Pfff, I just noticed I' have different personalities... Time to visit the doctor.
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    I'm a mix of Healing Queen and Stratmonger, though I'm generally one of the last to die unless I derp into a twilight breath or get RNG'd by an uninterrupted hydrolance. Course in 10man, there isn't that much to doing healing assignments.

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    One of the best and funniest reads on MMO

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    Used to be The Rock back in wotlk.
    And Corpse in bc / cata

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    <------------- always face down

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    Haha this is great, I'd have to say 20 is the funniest for me because people like that half the time actually say 'Laaaaag' every pull, or interupt they miss or bad shit they stand in. We also have a 6 in the raid, nearly every raid, but because she is the GM's GF, obviously you will see that know one tells her to STFU. Even though the entire raid is thinking it ;p

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    This is sooo gonna be posted on my guilds webpage. My god I just laughed my ass off

    I think I'm something between #1 and #2.

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    I sincerely hope, and mostly believe I'm The Entertainer and somewhat of a Prepared. Although I'm very afraid that I may actually be McTalksALot. :S
    Arguing with other internet users is just marginally more productive than counting the ants in your garden.
    If you make something idiot-proof, people will bring a better idiot.

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    I'm a corpse.

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    Im a Helpfull gear sponge!

    A good mix between #2 and #4
    Being a Druid tank is the way to go!

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    I'd be a mixture of the Hapless and the Trade Troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baabinator View Post

    #26 The Heart-less DPS

    This guy knows every single tacts, class, spec and gear. If you fail, he will let you know and swear you down the drain. Cursing his way through a raid he never makes a single mistake, even as he hasen't been there ever before. People respect him, but also fear him and love him for knowing everything. Usually quite the loner.
    Hahaha, Sorry to say it but that is me. I'm such a loner with the people in my guild. I have lots of friends outside of my guild tho.

    "You know your good when you feel the need to make fun of people in heroics, Tough guy."

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