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    pve fire mage haste

    how many % should a pve fire mage have? is 12.50% enough? (for 1 additional DoT tick) or the more the better?

    and whats the prioritization of stats?

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    Don't play a mage, but I think the Mage forum would be the place for fast Mage-y answers .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gertrude View Post
    Don't play a mage

    what is that supposed to mean ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khatolic View Post
    what is that supposed to mean ?
    Means he doesn't play a mage.

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    Yes indeed, it was late, I don't play a mage, you're more than welcome to play one if you wish .

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    Probably better off in, you know, the mages forum.

    It depends on your gear but generally as you move from 346s into 359s you hit the point where haste is your best stat and you want to stack it as much as you can while still reforging for all the hit you need.

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    The better for you would be to simply go on elitist jerk, there is a freaky huge post about firemage that will cover most of your question. If you have more question u could post again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khatolic View Post
    what is that supposed to mean ?
    The rest of his statement answers that for you. Its not a dont play a mage statement its a this would be better in the correct forum thread statement. Also if you did open and look at the stickies in the mage threads this is all answered. In most cases there are spread sheets with different tiers of haste break points and other stats.
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    There is a thread in the mage forums that is sticked, and states "Mage scale factors". It has a spreadsheet answering your question.

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    there are class forums for a reason you know just had to scroll down alittle more

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