So I'm bored and sick and can't log in. I decided I would share with the Mmo-champion community an artist I found on youtube. OMG I can't even express how good some of his remixes are. <3 Invincible(remix) and XT.

Thats the link to his Youtube page.

Other artists I've found that are really good but non WoW related are Animals As Leaders, Mickey Avalon, and Dirt Nasty.

That links to AAL's song "On Impulse" which is so amazing and almost flys at points and with this song and some of their others you can almost feel the emotion comming out through the guitars.

The other two artists I mentioned are a little less well known IMO. Theyre both members of a group named dyslexic speedreaders.

Mickey Avalon

Dirt Nasty

This is generally the kinda stuff I listen to when i play of course i have an incredibly diverse music portfolio that spans nearly all genres of music...except maybe disco. That's all for now. I may come back and update this in a bit if I can't log in soon