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    Several actions toggle Autorun with WoW MMO Gaming Mouse

    So, I've owned a SteelSeries MMO Gaming Mouse for about a year. I loved using it, it performed well and did exactly what I needed.

    Though, finally, it broke. I replaced it with a warranty that was still in effect.

    Now, though, the mouse behaves differently.

    For those unfamiliar with it, this mouse has 15 buttons, and a program with which you can map the buttons. You can set each button to use either an in-game command (open bags, target enemies, autorun, etc) based on your current in-game bindings to that action, and you can also set a series of standard button actions, which are:

    Left Click, Right Click, Double Click, Mouse Button 4, Mouse Button 5, Universal Scroll, and finally, Disable/Clear.

    I have a button on the mouse set to "Mouse Button 4" to act as my vent-queueing button. I have a button set to "Mouse Button 5" to toggle autorunning (I have the in-game Keybinding set to "Mouse Button 5, and set the button to correspond with its program).

    For the previous year, I had no issue, but now, here's what's happening.

    If, while holding down Mouse Button 4, and click the Left Click button, my character will begin to autorun.
    If, while holding down no additional buttons, I autorun using Left and Right Click held simultaneously for too long, it will remain in Autorun, even when I release the keys.
    If I try to set the Mouse Button 4 button to anything within the keybindings menu of WoW, it'll read back as "Mouse Button 7".

    The mouse works fine aside from these points. I have bag-opening, mounting, and a Y-key set to the mouse that operates without fail. It's just becoming very frustrating not to be able to better control when my character will begin running. This has nearly caused a couple of wipes when I would click my Left Click while communicating in vent, causing me to dash forward while tanking Blood-Queen Lana'thel.

    How would I know if this is an issue with the mouse, or an issue with the program?


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    Re: Several actions toggle Autorun with WoW MMO Gaming Mouse

    But of an update as I began to fool around with it more.

    I set Autorun to '*' on the numpad and I set my vent queue button to '-' on the numpad. While the new autorun command worked fine, I began to notice that the same things were still happening. Then, however, the character began to move, and all I was pressing was the Left Click button.

    Also, sometimes when surfing the web with this new mouse, if I were to click in a text box, it would have actually made me go back a page, as the Mouse Button 4 function is defaulted to with Windows computers. A minute ago, though, I was clicking in a text box, and an '*' showed up where I was about to begin typing.

    So, now, I'm lead to believe that there is a button being confused with the Left Click button, namely, the button I've been trying to use to autorun.

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    Re: Several actions toggle Autorun with WoW MMO Gaming Mouse

    Turns out, there's a button on the mouse that thinks it's also the Left Click button, or the Left Click button think it's also this other button.

    Mouse problem, clearly.


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