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    Gemmin Ressilience? Priest PvP

    Evening People

    Ive started doing PvP with a friend of mine, our rating suck, but we are having fun, and we are actually starting to control our CC chain. Im most focused on having fun, (thats why I gemmed Stamina too, funnier to have more hp imo ) So I was wondering, what would happend if I gemmed pure Ressiliance instead of sp/stam. Would it improve my survivability, but, ofcourse, lower my output or doesnt it matter after 1100ressi?

    Im about to spend my 1400 Arena points to upgrade my set pieces, just as a "btw"'er

    Thanks in Advance=)

    My Name is Zarmful, bloodfeather:


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    Re: Gemmin Ressilience? Priest PvP

    The thing with resiliance and stamina is it's a purely selfish stat. It's great for helping to keep you alive if you get focused, but if it's your partner they're focusing on then it doesn't help one bit.

    In this respect, spellpower helps both of you (of course this isn't as effective during stunlocks and what not).

    I'd look into haste as well, it's a very powerful stat for a disc priest up to a certain level.

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    Re: Gemmin Ressilience? Priest PvP

    Idd, it is a selfish stat, I agree, but Im fond of my manapool, dunno why.

    As you also comment, haste is great, but I do not focus on PvP gear with haste on; Should I get 12sp/10haste gems to get some socket bonuses ?

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    Re: Gemmin Ressilience? Priest PvP

    That's totally up to you. I would recommend getting at least about 400 haste - you should really notice the difference when you're dispelling / mana burning / spam healing.

    That said, I wouldn't socket haste, no, I'd go for the haste offpieces where you have spirit ones - bracers, belt, boots etc. Again, it's totally personal preference, but it works really nicely for me !

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    Re: Gemmin Ressilience? Priest PvP

    the way I do it is no gemming stam, no gemming res
    sp/spell pen in blue
    haste in yellow
    sp/haste in red

    with that Im currently wearing furious mainset, wrathful offset with something like, 26khp, 20k mana, 3200sp and 700 haste. something along those lines

    gemming stam or haste isnt really the way to go because although it might help you survive, but what happens if theyre not nuking you? youll have a harder time keeping your team alive/getting quick dispels off etc so its not beneficial to the team as a whole

    if youre getting nuked and you cant save yourself, get your team mate to help

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