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    Gotta exploit to win?

    I been noticing that, in almost every video-game with multiplayer, now-a-days, there are people who devoted themselves to nothing else but finding exploits, and when found abusing the hell out of them.

    These exploits can be simple, like getting on the roof of a building to complex like getting inside walls and shooting people from inside them, or 'elevatoring' and shooting people from the sky.

    So, I ask you. If you found a exploit, whether by looking for one, or by accident, would you feel the need to exploit to win? Also, why would you do it?

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    I don't see the fun in it.

    But yeah people find exploits for everything.. In CoD for the friggin Ds people exploit..

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    maybe I would use it for 5 min and then get bored with it D: never felt any real desire to like "OH MY LAWD I GOTS TO WIN THIS" I just sit down and have some fun rofl. The javelin and carepack exploit was pretty gay in CoD tho, you can't actually say that you've won if you're exploiting anyways :3
    cheche à²*_à²*

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    i used some of the exploits on CoD WaW, for a while to pass the time when i got bored of playing properly, other than that i tend not to use them.
    the reason i have for knowing them and trying them, is so that i know how they do it and can exploit them using it. its easy kills when that guy is trying to jump rub into a rock all the time.
    also so i know what they can see from it so i can avoid them like the plague, they soon get bored once i've told my team not to use that entire side of one map, so they have to give up because it is then useless.

    the underthe level glitches were abused in CoD WaW because they were so easy to do, most of the time you ran to a wall and you popped under.

    MW2 tries to patch as much as poss, but things like elevator glitches are rarely useful in an actual multiplayer game.

    i die a little inside when the game ends and they're boasting about being amazing when you know they were glitching it up alot.

    the main exploits, the ones that get on my nerves so very much, are the easy double click and install aimbots you get for CoD MW2 that will easily install on your console, they are growing in numbers cause anyone can do it.

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    That depends on the exploit, but mostly, no

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    No. Don't ruin the fun.
    If I was a Blizz server technician, I'd hijack a server and use it to download porn 24/7. Guess why the instance servers always are full B]

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    There was an exploit in av for a while where the flags could be captured from a long distance. After it became well known there wasn't a battle it wasn't abused in till the fix.

    Personally I wouldn't use an exploit to win (maybe to kill a friend), but exploration is always fun.

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    If its singleplayer - no

    If its multiplayer - probably yes

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    Re: Gotta exploit to win?

    It all depends on what it is and what game it is, If its a minor bug to rack up a few kills i'll probly use it, But if it's a game breaking banable thing i won't

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