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    PS3 winning the War!

    Now, i thought i would get some opinions on this as i see more and more people switching from the now old school x box (only a year but it shows).

    Is the Ps3 winning the war now. i don't like to flame about the x box anymore i did all that when the Ps3 came out and now i beleive my words are truelly coming to light and being seen.

    i think PS has by far the better exclusives to date, with the x box only really able to shout about halo which tbh honest hasn't got any better for some time, ODST was really bad.

    but also i feel people are getting fed up with paying for live accounts and all the little extras for the x box. on the PS i payed for my console and the games but thats where it ended basically there is no extra cost for anything except extra content for games or a snazy new theme (not that i have bought any)

    sometimes a feel the ps3 controller suits more games also, but on the odd occassion the x box controller does shine but for little features not overall playability. the triggers and pitted analogs is about as far as i can go in saying that they are good everything else is a bad thing on the x box controllers.

    the main thing that i would like to see on PS3 however is the multiple account sign in thing that you can do on x box, which is great for co-op games and such.

    not to mention that the ps3 is one of the only blu-ray players that will never need to be replaced, unlike some of the cheaper dedicated players that may need to be replaced once the newer format blu-ray hits the shelves.

    so is PS3 winning the war now?

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    Re: PS3 winning the War!


    Seriously, delete this thread before it turns into a flame fest.
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    Re: PS3 winning the War!

    hehe lets hope not, i know its a touchy subject but it's a question i want answered, my x box is ever so dusty at the minute.

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    Re: PS3 winning the War!

    I would say no. Always the Wii ^^

    But honestly, I would say the Xbox is about to start dominating as it has Project Natal, which looks a lot better than Sony's Wii Clone, and it was the best selling console, Wii included, in Feb (in the US).

    Also I think pretty much most xbox players know that Halo is bad nowadays, but I am pretty sure that Valve won't make PS3 games any time soon and we all know L4D,TF2>Halo :P

    Anyway PC>Consoles
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    Re: PS3 winning the War!

    There is no war and have never been a war. Different games, genres and utilities attract different players. Thread have been reported

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    Re: PS3 winning the War!

    This thread has been closed

    We do NOT want any console vs console threads. Find somewhere else to post them, if thats really what you want to spend your time on.
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