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    17 65.38%
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    9 34.62%
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    Trading old Pvp gear for honor

    So i was Lookin in my bank 2 day on my pally, and realized i have every set from the blue craftable to recent wrathful and i think it would b nice if Blizz add'd somethign to do with the old gear like say 10-20% of the honor used to get it , u would get back..

    please no trolls blah blah blah

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    Re: Trading old Pvp gear for honor

    10% of current value then maybe, even that seems like too much though. It's not like honor is hard to get now, let alone come 3.3.3 when they double the honor you get.

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    Re: Trading old Pvp gear for honor

    the hunter gear looked the best but sense ima death knight my friend is going to get it

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    Re: Trading old Pvp gear for honor

    I would say no, not for honor anyway. I destroy mine I don't really care.

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    Re: Trading old Pvp gear for honor

    That's like saying I can trade in my old ghetto gear that I got a content behind everyone else and get the new pieces of gear that is yet again another content patch behind(very ignorant of me to say but I'm sure is the case for a lot of people).


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