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    Old TV Shows that you wish would return?

    Yep, I'd think everyone has that one television show that they wish would make a return.

    For me, I'd like to see Press Your Luck make a return. Man that game show was kickass considering how straightforward it was. Yes, I have seen the Whammy! remake of Press Your Luck, and I wouldn't mind either the old PYL or Whammy! making a return. It'd be sad not being able to see Peter Tomarken host such a remake again since he passed away a while ago, but I'd think Whammy's Todd Newton would do a good job with either.

    What's yours?

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    Re: Old TV Shows that you wish would return?

    I wanted Red Dwarf back. And I got it back, the problem was they no longer use recorded laughter. Yeah we all know it's recorded. The lack of it actually made the series just appear too dark and serious, and I was so disappointed

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