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    Reality TV

    Why is this shit flooding every single channel?

    Can someone who watches it explain the fascination? I don't understand why watching fabricated drama is so appealing. Even History Channel is trying to cash in on it with stupid shit like Pawn Stars. Every single reality show seems blatantly scripted and they all seem to try to force as much drama as possible. It's like stupid high school bullshit except with adults.

    And then you get people getting famous off them! That guido bitch Snooki from Jersey Shore seems to be popping up all over the place. WTF for? She didn't do accomplish anything great, she reads lines and acts like a whore.

    Then there's the shows like Jon and Kate where they are fucking with these kids heads by following them around with cameras all the time and forcing drama between their parents. Then of course the parents get famous off it while the kids suffer through a divorce.

    I don't even have much of a life myself but I have never felt the need to sit in front of TV and watch other peoples scripted lives.

    It's all so sickening and absurd.

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    Re: Reality TV

    Agree, agree
    It's sad, the kick people get out of watching morons bicker amongst themselves.
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    Re: Reality TV

    Normally I would agree with this somewhat, but recently I found my self enjoying a show called Undercover Boss.

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    Re: Reality TV

    I recalled enduring 1 show of Reality TV, and PLEASE don't tell me that is Reality. Because all I saw was a bunch of Whinny people with a very low IQ Scores talking about each other behind their backs.

    It seriously puts my faith in the human race into question, with some of the crap that is on TV, and the fact people watch it.

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