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    Re: The end is nigh, Swiss bans all violent games.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellnas
    I hope you realise that Sweden isnt going to do this anytime soon. I can understand Germany, as I have understood the situation there all blood are colored green in CS and such. We have no restrictions to our games in Sweden, a fundamental difference.
    Sweden have already banned some games because they were to violent, Postal 2 is one of them. Yes I'm from Sweden.

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    Re: The end is nigh, Swiss bans all violent games.

    Quote Originally Posted by Capt_jesus
    Incredibly off-topic question here, Elementium but are American and have you see Michael Moore's Sicko movie?

    That film makes me wanna move to Britain..
    Basically in Cuba you can buy medicine for 3 pesos( 3cents) and that same medicine will be $125 in America.
    That by no means indicates Cuba is in any way well. 3 Pesos are actually 3 dollars. Chavitos are cents which are worth (obviously) way less than pesos. 3 cuban pesos are roughly 13 cents (USD) but in exchange of that medicine that sounds cheap is your total freedom. There's constant war in Cuba where a lot of people die for discrepancies in political beliefs. I know perhaps you didnt mean Cuba is a whole lot better than the US but at least the US has the sense of a fake freedom whereas cubans have no such luxury. If you visit CUba as a tourist, it looks wonderful, but living there is actually quite depressing even in this day and age.

    On topic, though. Banning violent video games is wrong. I dont care if games are so realistic when you bash a guy's head in. You see it live action in movies, you see it in the news. The fact that a video game could be violent does not mean we will all turn into mass murderers. I do agree that ratings should be more strict and should be enforced on retailers even more.

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    Re: The end is nigh, Swiss bans all violent games.

    i can't find a link to a specific article i'm afraid.

    the info i have obtained has been from BBC focus magazine, they have been publishing articles on brain training games and also i think it was this or last months edition had a big spread on games and how they improve your mind.

    i will dig it out tonight and see if there is a reference on it, which indeed their normally is.

    i am a firm beleiver in this, as i mainly used video games as a way of revising for exams, i found it as helpful as listening to music or watching a film, allowing me to associate certian things with revision ques and so on.

    also games i find improve memory, have you noticed that you still remember those huge long cheats for GTA3 even when you haven't played it for years. or when you go back to a game you loved and you still remember everything.
    again, pulling off huge combo's in virtua fighter and mortal kombat wasn't button mashing it was a concise list of like 50 or so button combinations, if you screwed one up you would end the combo.

    and many more things, like reaction times, computer skills, understanding game mechanics, this is stuff that every one who really enjoys games works out and uses in game.

    hopefully i will find it it was a good read.

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