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    YouTube converter

    Anyone here knows a free program / site that can convert a YouTube link to MP3/MP4?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: YouTube converter

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    Re: YouTube converter


    Excellent website.

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    Re: YouTube converter

    I'm using realplayer for the High Quality http://eu.real.com/realplayer/
    It never letted me down, always works in my case.

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    Re: YouTube converter

    Real easy to use and it's free!!

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    Re: YouTube converter

    VDownloader is what I use. Free, can save in pretty much any video format as well as mp3, and so easy to use.
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    I'm happy with the DVDVideost's converter, you should try it to

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    http://www.youtube-mp3.org is the best one I know, much better and faster than video2mp3. The audio quality is good as well.

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    Convert anything for free and its all open source.

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    Going to close this, since it was a 3 year old necro.

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