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    LK 10M Last Phase Help

    Ok, our core 10m group has been working on LK 10m for two weeks now, and we can make it to the last phase fairly easily each time now, but we hit a wall there.
    We run a basic 2 tank, 3 heal, 5 dps setup, with a majority being ranged dps.

    The healers have no issue keeping people/tanks up, and harvest soul seems easy enough.
    The issue for us seems to be vile spirits.
    These little buggers are fast, and nearly impossible to kill.

    How are we supposed to handle these? We are already having the MT be on one end, and move to the other after they spawn. Is it possible to just ignore them, or have the OT taunt and eat them?
    Also, it is pretty rough going into this phase, and I feel we fall a little behind with having 2 raging spirits up on this transition.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    Difficulity here depends on setup you run.
    Spriest/Lock makes this so easy. Also another note is that ppl can take one seperate ghost if youre too slow, but they are prio for your range dps.
    When I tank him I run to other side the moment he starts casting them.
    Raging Spirits can be dealt with being tanked (facing away) not too far from LK and cleaved.
    If you can pop Bloodlust/Heroism when 2nd ghost spawns in transition from p2 to p3.

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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    If your only problem is vile spirits, stay spread out as much as possible, and what we did is ignore the vile spirits(this is normal btw). Your tanks can taunt them, and I would try to taunt 1-2 extra on to me as OT since I have 50k+ while everyone else has around 25k

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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    have your ranged dps focus on dpsing them down 1 by 1 u dont need to kill all of them but its better to have few down then alot on half hp
    they can be slowed and rooted so have them explode 1 by 1 if u most tell ur dps to use defensive cd if 2 of them about to explode same time
    tell your dps never to run to healer with vile spirits on them just let them explode if its 1
    if u have prot paladin he can use hes mass taunt ability and soak 3 of them same time
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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    Hey there,

    First let me say I feel your pain.
    We had some trouble for a couple attempts, but it's really quite simple.
    If you run a disc priest in your raid (which you should cause they're OP), you have them keep shielding the raid ([email protected]&2), when vile spirits come out, they'll be target-able BEFORE they come down.

    Focus them down 1 by 1 while obviously throwing out some multi-shots, etc. Spriest should not mindsear, as it'll only really hit 2, whereas they can focus one down easier at a time, and slow them.

    :] Hope it helps, also make sure to get rid of that extra raging spirit as fast as you can to make the phase extremely easy so that tanks can taunt off one another during soul reaper.

    Good luck!

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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    Phase starts get to an edge.

    Spirits spawn, run across to the other side.

    stay spread out as best you can, if you have shaman EB in the middle.

    We also have the OT taunting spirits.

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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    got a shaman? If a sham waits until the first one is coming down, and drops earth ele, the earth ele can easily tank them.

    Other than that it's def burning them down, and making sure your players scatter if they actually make it towards them.

    Also, if you have a sham, when my earth ele is down, I earthbind every time we cross over, I have no idea if it actually helps, it's just something I was told to do.
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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Haggers

    stay spread out as best you can, if you have shaman EB in the middle.

    We also have the OT taunting spirits.
    Hm many shamans in our guild reported that EB actually doesn't work on them, but don't know really.

    @ OP: Vile Spirits become 'active' after 10~ seconds, with enough ranged half of them should be dead before it with other half being at least on half HP, if needed as many said, use your OT to taunt them and let them blow up on him.

    P.S: warrior tank as OT rocks in P3, Vigilance on MT and spam taunt.
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    Re: LK 10M Last Phase Help

    I think the earthbind works as they get closer to the ground and in range, they are certainly slow enough to run away from. The problem for us healers is sometimes you need to choose to take a hit to heal others, but as long as we're spread its only going to be one which is survivable.

    Anyway, the biggest change that allowed us to go from glass to farm is the raid movements across the platform.

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