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    worst lfg player

    as alot of people know that lfg has ups and down and i want to know whats the most WTF!? player you've ever met? for example a druid healer with feral gear in boomkin specc spamming healing touch and not throwing any hots, his excuse? "i join as a damage healer and tank every time in lfg! I DO WHAT EVER I WANT! funny thing is that he had 3 heirlooms, another one, feral specc and boomkin gear didnt use any forms and was meleeing his excuse? "need to learn daggars too doo morre dammage" and a third a pally tank not using fury or concecration with a slow 2 hander weapon his excuse? same as the boom/feral/healing druid "i join as all 3 and i will do as all 3 however i like!

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    Re: worst lfg player

    i like it worse when they go afk for the first 5/10 minutes, and somehow fellow lfg people never see reason to kick him when he comes in for the last bit of the trash before the last boss..

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    Re: worst lfg player

    I had a DK queue up for a random as a tank wearing only one piece of tank gear and land with me and a guildie in Halls of Reflection. Fortunately, the guildmate I was with is one of the better warriors to ever play the game, knows warrior tanking like the back of his hand and constantly keeps his gear on him. Finished it up with no deaths.

    As for afks, if they're a tank, I just make DPS tank if I'm healing on my druid, more now on my shaman. If they're DPS and we're not done by the time the timer is done, they get removed.

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Seen a Resto shaman, Fine gear and all but somehow he wassent able to cast spells, and kept yelling at the tank -.-

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Quote Originally Posted by Tisana
    Fortunately, the guildmate I was with is one of the better warriors to ever play the game
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karragon View Post
    I'd like WoW to be a single player game

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Worst was a L72 DK "tank" I was healing on my druid alt while leveling. Duel wield with points spread almost equally across all three trees, and as a special fail topping, he was using SPELLPOWER plate in 5 slots. You know, like the nice Int/SP/MP5 rings from BC?

    I ended up just healing the heirloom arms warrior through the instance, since he was pulling threat from this "tank" just by looking at the mobs.
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    Re: worst lfg player

    Quote Originally Posted by Tisana
    As for afks, if they're a tank, I just make DPS tank if I'm healing on my druid, more now on my shaman. If they're DPS and we're not done by the time the timer is done, they get removed.
    always on my mage alt when a tank is afk i kill anyway, they all die b4 they reach me xD

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Must have been the paladin I met while tanking SFK on a low level alt.
    He signed up as healer, wearing what you can call "tanking gear" at his level, and stated "I'm dps" when he entered.

    He then started to attack everything that moved in there (in tank gear with his RF on), yelling at me for not holding aggro, and then went into a nerd rage because the healer didn't heal him...

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Quote Originally Posted by Eisaderfrau
    he was pulling threat from this "tank" just by looking at the mobs.
    Sounds like a Chuck Norris move. :
    It's amazing the types of people that one meets during the heroic travels and PuG raids. Ofc we have our "off" days but some people truly make us /headtilt. Here's one of my wtf moments:

    During a random heroic me and a fellow guildee ran into a dilemma. After just zoning into UP hc, the tank started to pull... great if you know the healer is up to it but the part that kinda irked us (me, my partner and the healer) is that my partner was still loading up and I was still in prot spec. From the hc's that I have tanked, dps and healed, it has been customary to make sure people are here and good to go. There was no ready check or any other communication to signal that the healer was ready. Actually the healer was still at the start area while the tank had pulled and continued into the beginning corridor. I know that there are people who are "overgeared" to an instance but it's not everyone who is. Some people like to take 10-30 secs to "buff up".

    Anywho, from what happened the tank and I kinda had a few words after he got the hump about the healer "slacking". I just went prot to save us waiting god knows how long for a tank - to speed it all up. The Dk here well I don't know exactly the correct word in English but simply put vengeful and spiteful. I don't see how we wasted his/her time but it really got to all of us that this person "made" us wait the remainder of the dungeon cooldown debuff to kick him. Didn't leave, we actually kicked him after the 15 min debuff was run out. As you can see from the linked screen shots, it was rather funni and really entertaining. My partner and I have coffee and other things to do but to us we wanted UP and really didn't feel like waiting 10+min for another dungeon when we already there and g2g.


    After this we got a warr and lock (iir) - no issues - done with in 18 min. /scratches head .. though the warr did keep saying go go go but quickly shut up when I refused to taunt mobs that he pulled off him and the reason I was floored cause he had "The Patient" title.

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Not sure if it was the worst.. but for sure the most ignorant ever.

    Tanked Nexus hc random on my Warrior. Had a druid healing us.. and i guess 2 of his guildies were with us as well as i figured in the end of the run seeing that they all came from the same realm.

    So.. on last boss i'm basically getting no heals whatsoever, maybe the odd Nourish here and there so i was hovering around 30% health all the fight. Having played a druid myself since classic euro release i tell him next time he heals something he might wanna stick at least a Rejuv on the tank on movement heavy fights (i kept an eye on my buffs from 2nd boss onwards and believe me i almost never had one ticking). Well we made it so i couldnt care less..

    Until he goes "well maybe next time you tank something you stop sucking, you never had agro the whole run".
    I'm like... "eh.. what?" and he goes on about how i suck and he wouldnt wanna do another random with me (his guildies even supporting him saying i should leave group). Looking at damage taken you could clearly see it was a blatant lie and the only point where i didnt care much about agro was the small plants in the frosty gauntlet that would die in 1 autoattack anyway looking at how our DPS was geared.

    I'm doing randoms a lot so i believe i have a pretty high rage threshold, but that guy had me freaked out so much that i closed down the game for the day (well.. at least one positive thing eh?)

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Quote Originally Posted by Luceant

    It's amazing the types of people that one meets during the heroic travels and PuG raids. Ofc we have our "off" days but some people truly make us /headtilt. Here's one of my wtf moments:

    happend to me once in pos but it wasnt the tank who was bitching it was a shammy dps! bitching about my healings (no one had died) when it was the tank that sucked holding aggro and he kept ninja pulling 5 mins later i was voted to be kicked but it faild and he got kicked instead lol xd

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    Re: worst lfg player

    In my guild we are a leveling casual guild. We support each other and help each other gear just a small group of friends. Having said that when one of us has a toon fresh to 80 we charge him through randoms in a group of 3 or more guildys to keep him from getting kicked and to take responsibility to carry him. We all have dps tank and heal alts in icc 25 content. Having said that I got my dk to 80 and was being dragged through fos for the nes. I had no t9 yet just some 200 and 187 gear and a few quest greens. I had JUST hit 80. Now im doing my best and the other two guys from my guild were dps. Im hitting for about 2700 dps blood spec and they are pushing 6k each. We are having no trouble. Aperently the dk tank we had wanted the NES too towards the end he started whispering my guildys and the healer we had "This dk sucks lets kick him, look at his gear he cant hit shit" keep in mind fresh 80 200 and less gear 2700 dps. Well we are on vent and just laughing about it. Finnaly the dk tank decided to initiate a vote to kick wich got shut down in a heart beat. I proceed to laugh at him and said next time you try that, mouse over our names and look at guilds. We kicked him pugged in a 4th guildy to tank and kept the healer for another 4 runs before we stoped doing randoms.

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    Re: worst lfg player

    DKs, DKs and maybe some paladins

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Oooooh I've got one of these tales to tell. Two days ago, running random heroics to gear my mage up, and Halls of Stone came up. About 5 minutes in, we're in the corridor in sight of the female titan boss, and we notice that there are no heals from the shaman healer. We clear the trash, and ask why he's currently in Dalaran without telling us. His excuse was 'j00 dint tak shotcut so i wastin ur time see hw u lik it lolz'. we had 9-10 minutes left on the random finder, so we couldn't kick him, and the cunt refused to leave. I've never come acroos anything like this at all. It made me giggle :P

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    Re: worst lfg player

    I once had a hunter meleeing with full def gear, because he was "survival" hunter... This was before the LFG tool mind you...
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    Re: worst lfg player

    Recently leveling a new alt to 80 ( resto druid) I have had the (dis)pleasure of doing quite a large number of random dungeons and heroics.
    My gf was lvlign a shaman at the same time, and recently after hitting 80 we start doing randoms. We hit HoS, and after first 2 bosses
    my gf mentions for me to check the dps meter. She was doing about 1.8k dps in full lvling blues, and this hunter was doing 600 dps. I kept
    an eye on him to see if he was just standing afk, and he was shooting the whole time, so I inspect him. Spell power neck, helm, and cape,
    gemmed with pure blue spell penetration gems, piccolo of the flaming fire and orb of deception trinkets, just no clue at all.

    Later the same week a hunter rolled on the illustration of the dragon soul from sarth, when I asked why he would that that over me he said
    "Its better then mine, it has higher GS"

    The following weekly raid quest was Ignis, The dk tank couldn't hold agro on Ignis with a hunter and rogue constantly MDing him, so we check
    his recount, and he had done 180 counts of bloodboil.

    So many times tho I have seen such terrible terrible players, in over 500 heroics done I have witnessed the worst geared, worst specced, worst
    gemmed, worst enchanted, worst skilled people, and I am beyond being speechless, just merely accept the fact that SO many players don't even
    care that they re terrible, or care that others work to get them their gear.

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    Re: worst lfg player

    I run normally in my demo spec at randoms and i run [Seed of Corruption] then [Shadowflame] to proc my skill at which point i spam seed till the flame cd is up and reproc combined with my demon forms immolation aura for the aoe pulls and the other day i got 3 tanks in a row who flipped out and kicked me from the instance because i had about 12000 AoE dps on the 5 man mobs when the next below me was 2k telling me to F***ing learn my class and not be a fail. dont know if this counts but i found it kinda funny.

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    Re: worst lfg player

    Let's keep these in the "worst experiences" thread, as the two are related:


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