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    Chrono Cross when Serge switches with lynx.

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    The player being Darth Revan in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    Tell them only that the Lich King is dead...and that World of Warcraft died with him...

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    There's a lot...

    The end of Red Dead Redemption when John dies, that was pretty big for me, although should have seen it coming.
    The end of MGS4 when Big Boss comes back, that had me and my housemate nearly in tears.
    Playing as Raiden in MGS2.
    The nuke in MW1, being burned to death in MW2...
    So many to count...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordrevangr View Post
    The player being Darth Revan in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    Yes indeed !

    Tbh I was all "light side" up to that point then went all vengeful and killed every1 ^_^

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    I liked the whole dialogue with Legion about the Geth in ME2.

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    Bastila betraying you in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
    Andrew Ryan being your Dad in BioShock, and then finding out you're being mind controlled.
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    John dying at the end of Red Dead 2, I truly liked the character he was. Then you got to play his soft kid, nowhere near as cool as he was. Though the quest to go kill the retired Law men who had your father killed is pretty epic.

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