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    my pally crashes

    this was my first post on it... A while back..

    ok. I've got another question now...

    i've built a new PC,
    I7 860,
    win7 home pre 64bit legit license
    8gigs of ram.
    brand new install, nothing on here but windows, SAV endpoint 12, office 2007 and WoW
    now the WoW folder i've moved over from my old PC but didnt move the WTF, Interface Cache folder

    and I still get the "memory allocation error: block too big"
    once in a while when I login, sometimes the game is locking up my graphics, I mean I get a blank screen or a grey screen and have to reset the PC.
    i have just SAV running in the back ground and Ventrilo, not even a browser or anything else.
    the crashes are random, first time it locked up I was finising a WG game
    another time it locked up I was in the AH doing a trade with someone.

    i'm going to guess its WoW thats corrupt now or one of my addons is doing it.

    how do I tell easily which addon without having to remove 1 at a time and trying to see if it happens again?
    if i have to reinstall WoW from scratch, whats the easiest way?

    I have the Vanilla DVD, my BC disc and LK disc. I can make an ISO of the disc and run it 1 by 1 remotely while i'm at work.

    or what does a repair do?
    I hate the idea of having to redo all my WTF settings/stuff again..

    i mean i'm about to go buy another game just to see if that game ever crashes it cant be my system as the PC is brand new, nothing else is on it.

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    Re: my pally crashes

    After copying over WoW, are you running WoW.exe directly or through the launcher? If you haven't run the launcher since you copied it over, it's likely that the registry keys weren't properly entered into the new Windows installation. At that point, try running WoW through Launcher.exe once (this will fix the registry keys). After that, you can go back to using WoW.exe directly.

    If that doesn't work, try logging in with all addons disabled.

    If that does not work, try repair.exe. You can uncheck the boxes that reset your Interface options so that it doesn't screw with your UI.

    If that doesn't work, your best bet is probably a fresh install.

    If that doesn't work... well, we'll cross that bridge later.

    [edit: Also, since you're having some graphical issues, I'd make sure your drivers are updated. ATi recently (today) released Catalyst 10.3.]

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    Re: my pally crashes

    i only run WoW from the launcher
    already did the repair.
    the game runs fine on the same copy off of my old PC on my friend's account on my high end laptop, although he runs less addons.
    havent tried fresh install yet.
    I'll install the new drivers later

    ps, I crashed on my mage too, the other day, my screen frooze and video went to nothing.
    and all I was doing was running in WG in the middle of a fight. and I went and hit the PvP menu page and bang. locked up

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    Re: my pally crashes

    The problem might be that your parts run warm. Look what temperature your CPG and GPU has hile you run wow.

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    Re: my pally crashes

    what apps?
    just built in? or are there free apps to see temperature?

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    Re: my pally crashes

    Quote Originally Posted by ojnik
    what apps?
    just built in? or are there free apps to see temperature?
    There are free apps like speed fan and many others that will help you monitor your temps.
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    Re: my pally crashes


    two situations, too similar not to compare.
    I copied my WoW install files to my cousin's computer when I redid his computer, we only use the launcher.
    I dual box at home so, on my main wow PC I was just at the login screen and he calls me saying WoW just crashed, and I look at my PC, the video has frozen all I see is a blue screen. need to press reset.
    so i'm thinking its my WoW install, really hate to have to reinstall...

    another time, playing a bunch of 3s games with random people.
    and we ALL lockup at the same time. I thought it was just me at first until they said something, WoW just locked up, Alt TAB out it was not responding in task manager. I dont think the server went down as we didnt get kicked out it just STOPPED. were we all using a similar addon that failed?
    I've already done a repair, i'm at odds as what to do now... where are these locks ups coming from?

    and i'm still getting this error
    memory allocation error: block too big when I login, but not all the time, its purely random.

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    Re: my pally crashes

    I would delete your Config.WTF file in your WTF folder located in your WoW installation. Sometimes if you have a setting carry over from another computer, it can cause issues. Note that you will have to reset things like resolution, game effects, etc, but your UI should remain untouched.

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    Re: my pally crashes

    I've deleted the WTF folder already, and that file is in there...
    but i'll try again..

    and i'm still getting this error
    memory allocation error: block too big
    when I login, but not all the time, its purely random, so its hard to identify which addon is causing it

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    Re: my pally crashes

    If you've already deleted the entire folder, then deleting the file will probably not do anything. Hmm, let me take a gander around and see if I can find anything on that error.

    [edit: Do you have any more of the error message? Could you perhaps install BugSack so that you can get the entire stack trace of the error (it would say that you're getting that error when addon 'x' is executing line 'y' of its code)?]

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    Re: my pally crashes

    what is bugsack?

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    Re: my pally crashes

    It's an addon that gathers LUA errors so you can go back and view them, rather than just getting the one time error popup that's lost once you hit "ok".

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