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    Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Hi all,

    First of all i'm not a very experienced player and now trying to improve on my skills.
    Up untill now I only did quests and enjoyed that very much.
    Did instances and that is working well.

    Now for the first time since I play this game, i'm trying to do some raids.
    Now my issue:

    I have a gs of 5K/5.1K.
    My dps on a boss is somewhere between 3.8 - 4.1K.
    My spellpower is around 2550 (without Fel Armor)
    Haste >1000 (with stone)
    Crit >28

    I've been told that is not as much as I should do. I've checked all notes about warlocks on this forum and using all pointers for enchants, gemming and so on.
    My conclusion is that i'm lacking skill (well i don't have raiding experience so :-))
    But now i want to get deeper into locks and try to improve on my dps.

    I have read about how skills are more important than gear etc.... but i have no idea what kinds of skills most people are talking about.
    Could you guys give me some pointers to those skills and which are the most important ones and what I should focus on etc etc etc?
    I'm assuming that with skills we're not talking about pressing buttons.....

    I hope you can help me on this.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    What's your spec?

    To be honest a lot of the skill just comes from practice - getting a feel for your rotation/priorites; knowing your limits; where you should be standing and so on. There are odd tricks, like crit rolling for affliction, but really, you just need to get in there and get a feel for how your character works in a raid environment.

    The main things to get right for all specs are:

    DoTs - don't clip and try to keep your uptime as close to 100% as possible

    Movement - try to move as little as possible (you still have to get out of the fire ofc). When you do have to move make sure you have something to cast while doing so - (life tap, corruption, a curse, whatever's available/needed at the time)

    I was dreadful when I first started raiding, whereas I'm now passable :P One of the things that really helped me was joining a guild of fairly laidback people who don't mind the odd screw-up. When you feel more comfortable experimenting with your character and abilities you learn faster.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    My spec is Demo.
    I have my talents like showed in the Demo Raid guide here on mmo.

    Thanks for you reply :-)

    Any idea what dps a gs of 5K/5.1K should do? Roughly that is......

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Make sure you know the priority list for demo, what to cast and when, these things can be found in the demo thread @ elitists, and probably here on mmo champ as well.

    Make sure you have an addon that tracks stuff like molten core and decimation.

    Make sure your pet is alive and attacking, and that you are popping cooldowns.

    Make sure to save demo form for aoe pulls and use immolation aura for those.

    If/when you do all this, tell me
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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    demo requires some sort of creativity to push big numbers, like getting in range for immo aura w/o just walking up or wasting a gcd on charge, also with add fights nuke em til you proc deci and then main target destroy with SFs. you should try to always keep immo and corr. up ofc and keep ur CoD up, it baisically just getting a feel for your situation and most importantly have fun
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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    lol. well since i wrote the Demo FAQ i'm going to tell you that it's all good advice

    work on the basics - keep immo and corruption up as much as possible without clipping them, hit the right filler when MC or decimation procs and blow meta on every cooldown. When you've got to the point where you can do that in your sleep you can start to fine tune things like the timing of meta, positioning and movement.

    I would rate myself as a mediocre/bad player who overachieves by making good use of addons and macros. I can't emphasise enough how much easier a decent UI can make playing. If this isn't something that you know much about check out the UI and macro threads in the stickies - you might disagree, but it really did make a huge difference to me.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    I will inform you

    Downloaded Power Aura's Classic already.

    Thanks for the tips, appreciate it a lot.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    A few things i could contribute are:

    Make sure you lifetap (assuming you're using LT glyph) before you use meta, and also before you any other dps cooldowns you wanna use, like trinkets etc. This way you won't need to lifetap to keep the glyph up while you're having one of these dps boosts up. Apart from that, try to lifetap as little as possible, only to keep glyph up or when absolutely needed, as lifetap is not doing any dps

    As Ratskin already mentioned, try to keep casting or lifetapping when moving. Your attitude should always be to not waste a single global cooldown. Not casting for even half a second will lower your dps.

    A nice addon to keep track of buffs like molten core and decimation is powerauras. If you have a look on youtube and search for "powerauras tutorial" you'll get an impression. It's also helpful to show your lifetap glyph buff with duration, warn you if spellstone or fel armor runs out, and many many more procs and buffs. It can both make visual and sound alerts.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Well i'm a bit further in time and done some raids and stuff :-)

    I'm glad to say that the tips n tricks worked out very well.
    i started, as I say in my op at max 4.1K dps.

    I've done ICC first wing completely now and OS 3D.... my damage kept increasing :-)
    The top dps I did during OS 3d is 5.7K.
    And that was still in the same gear... so that's a impressing increase.

    Thanks guys for your replies; it helped. :-)

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    I find it odd that you don't have more spellpower than that as demo.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Shoot, when I first started playing Demo, I did it because I sucked at raiding and could only pull 4k dps...but as I grew more comfortable in raids, and learned when to nuke using what, and how to use Meta properly, I've gone from 4k in 5k gearscore, to 11k on bosses like saurafang and fester in 5.6k gs.

    I still consider myself an amateur raider, but just keep at it, and always make sure you're having fun playing the game.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    curse curse curse fear shadowbolt/blast thingy fear .. rince and repeat
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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Aside from the other advice given, you might want to link your armory. GS isn't important if you aren't itemized properly and I agree with the other person that said your spell power seems low for demo.
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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?



    Any advise to increase on spellpower?
    More spellpower is ALWAYS welcome :-)

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Get higher level gear. Sounds stupid, but that's about all you can say. Most of your SP comes just from higher item levels. Just go for SP > Spirit > Haste > Crit on gear and gem SP/Spi in blue if +5 SP bonus is available, SP/Haste in yellow if +7-9 SP is available, straight SP otherwise, or if there is more than one non-red socket.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    get enchanting to 400 and gain 46sp there and get tailoring to... 405? i think and get a wicked awesome back enchant.

    those will help you as well.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    yeah working on tailoring and enchanting atm.
    Doing my best for higher lvl gear......

    As two others posted that my spellpower seems low for a demo lock, I thaught i had some things wrong on my gear.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    Your mistake is rather obvious. You, an admittedly new warlock decided to go for the hardest spec to master. It's like you're playing Guitar Hero for the first time and start on 'expert'.
    I don't say this lightly. I was raiding with demo, affli, destro and 0/41/30 (emberstorm felguard) during WotLK, and demonology is as hard to master as affliction's rolling corruption. I won't go to all the fine details, just suffice to say that, in my opinion, you should respec to a more straightforward spec.

    In short, go destruction. There are only 4 spells in your rotation (not including CoD), and no fancy proc mechanics.
    This should free up your attention to do other things, like moving out of fire, that skilled players tend to do automatically.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    1. pick a talent tree.

    2. master the rotation.

    3. watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgDjG...layer_embedded

    full combination of these 3 points is your 'skill'.

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    Re: Warlock SKILLS, what are they?

    I think the most important skill to master as a caster class is moving as little as possible. When you're first starting out there's a tendency to over-move when a boss sends some ability your way. With time you'll figure out exactly how much you have to move so you can start DPSing again more quickly.

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