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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Helvetin hienoa työtä pojjaat.

    Best guild evah.

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Quote Originally Posted by hermedes
    u cant ur gonna have to own up and if hes a wow nerd hes gonna kill u and get his wrathful gladiators claymore and chop ur head and ur balls of and then he will feed them to u. only if hes a true wow nerd tho

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Quote Originally Posted by Elysia
    I've refrained from posting in any of the world first threads until now, but HUGE grats to Paragon. Truly well deserved.
    You refrained for what... 20 mins? Again, GRATS PARAGON ON A JOB WELL DONE!

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Grats : P

    Seems Ensidia only managed to accomplish one thing; the fact that they lost the respect of most of the wow community, if they even had it in the first place. It was pretty low of them to accuse Paragon of lagging their server on purpose, I do hope they apologise for that uncalled for accusation, it might salvage a little of the 'respect' they'd have lost. I also feel sorry for Tarren Mill guys; arent' they supposed to be going back after all this was over? Enjoy your 'server stability' while it lasts; proabbly won't last much longer.

    but yes, grats Paragon truly deserved. And nice loot too :P gimme staff

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Simply amazing. Huge congratulations!

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Quote Originally Posted by Zefaroth
    You refrained for what... 20 mins?
    Or you know, the normal LK, the heroic end bosses of each wing, the grand crusader, etc. Didn't honestly think I had to verify that any truly meant "any."

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Grats on the big kill
    Quote Originally Posted by Culnar
    Sometimes people act like blizzard is their friend who betrayed them and now they're pissed!
    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpei View Post
    Actually the backlash from pandas is because alot of the people didn't grow up.

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Quote Originally Posted by Xacez
    As was foretold by Glorenzelg, in accounting...

    Grats Paragonians.

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Well done Paragon

    You got each and every world first of the end wing boss kills in Icecrown. Good job.

    But last but not least you killed LK25HC world first.


    Ensidia did not even get any world first in Icecrown, I don't know what all the talk about them are. they are not the best WoW guild in the world and paragon proved to them why not.

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN


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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Hahaha, there you go, Ensidia owned on even ground, since they Xfered.

    Damn, this made my day

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN


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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Congratulations Paragon! Thoroughly deserved

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Huge gz to Paragon. SUOMIFINLANDPERKELE

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    "Paragon of the Light, lead our armies against the coming darkness."
    Read the yellow footer on the 2H sword....

    Blizz knew it!

    Also: Gratz Paragon!!oneone!!!
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    A warrior is kinda like a blender.* You can shatter it from a long way off with a gun, or you could even pull the plug so it can't move, but if you stick your face into it when it's moving you're going to lose.
    Quote Originally Posted by bas View Post
    no offence to anyone, but asking advice about girls on a WoW forum is not a good idea

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Congratulations to Paragon.

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Wow, was literally JUST watching Paragon's Algalon and Anub'arak videos, I can only imagine what the screaming for this on vent was like when they killed him!

    Congratulations Paragon, you went from a terrific guild to, without a doubt, the best guild in the entire world. Nobody deserves this more than you do, nice job!

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Looking at world of logs... 1160sec fight.. that is one long fight. Never seen LK myself even on reg..but huge gratz!

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    Re: 25 LK HC DOWN

    Quote Originally Posted by Madtoady
    I was gonna say something... then i saw your avatar... and then i forgot.

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