View Poll Results: Can music made about WoW be good?

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  • Of course!

    4 40.00%
  • It CAN be, but mainly isn't

    2 20.00%
  • Haven't heard any so far

    1 10.00%
  • I doubt it

    1 10.00%
  • Hell no!

    2 20.00%
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    WoW related music

    I tried going through the threads in the music forum, but I could mainly find general music-related threads.

    I'm trying to figure out if someone here has written their own WoW related music. If so then what kind and what was your inspiration?

    If you've upped it somewhere, please link it! I'd be very interested in listening to some homemade stuff with a Warcraft theme! =)
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    Re: WoW related music

    It will always be mediocre to me since I have listened to great video game composers such as Nobuo Uematsu and Motoi Sakuraba.

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