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Thread: Godfather III

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    Godfather III

    Hello Friends at MMO,
    I have been wanting to ask 'the internet' this question, and I think this community can rise to the challenge. I was hella disappointed by Godfather III, I mean really. I just feel like it's not even on the same level as the other two, and that somehow it shouldn't / doesn't really 'count' as part of the series.


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    Re: Godfather III

    I thought it was an enjoyable end to it. What did you like about it.

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    Re: Godfather III

    I really need to rent them.

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    Re: Godfather III

    It's not anywhere near the other two imho. It was released 16 years after Part II, so It feels somewhat like an afterthought. But they made it, and Francis Ford Coppola cast his daughter, who is a mediocre actress at best. They took out Tom Hagen (my favorite character from the first two movies), because Duvall wanted the same salary as Pacino. I really missed him. Andy Garcia did his role really well, but it's not the same thing. It was definitely a disappointing conclusion to the series for me.
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