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    Healing frames?

    Hi every healer out there. Just started this sweet priest, and I haven't tried healing for like years. So I just wanna throw this quick question out there. What kind of frames or other helpful addons are people using for healing these days? I've found myself using the xperl healing function back in tbc. But don't know if anything have changed. I like to keep my interface simple so. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance :-*

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    Re: Healing frames?

    Grid. (
    Grid Configuration Tutorial:

    Vudho (
    VudHo Configure Tutorial:

    Both of these are great options.
    If you don't really want something complicated, might I suggest using Shadowed Unit Frames (

    Their raid frames are pretty simple.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    Great reply, thanks mate. !

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    Re: Healing frames?

    I personally run with both Shadowed Unit Frames, and Grid.

    Grid is my raid/party frames, while sUF is just for myself, my target (which also filters out buffs unless I deem them important. Renew, Shield Block/Shield Wall, for instance), and a focus (most frequently boss, lately).
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    Re: Healing frames?

    I use pitbull

    Though to be honest, I'm not sure I would recommend pitbull to a new healer in need of unitframes. There really isn't much difference between the unitframes out there; they can do the same job in one way or another. The reason very many healers chose grid is that it is damned convenient; you install it and 2 seconds later you are ready to go. Then a few months later, you start adding addons to it or tweak the looks of it - but that's perfectly optional.

    But grid only handles raidframes. If you want a complete unitframe replacement (and you do), you need something else. I went with pitbull. It takes a long time (1-2 hours) to set up properly, and you need to know just what you want - there is no default setting. On the upside, it's damned configurable; I basically set up mine to resemble and look and act like grid and the visuals of decursive in one go. Saves me from running multiple unitframe addons, and less addons means more FPS.

    But - it's not something recommended for the fresh healers
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    Re: Healing frames?

    im using Xpearl, works fine for me, but im kinda casual player anyways
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    Re: Healing frames?

    I run with Suf+VuhDo.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    I like Grid for it's light weight and highly customizable nature. Vuhdo is okay. Stay away from things like Healbot. If you're not comfortable writing macros you might also want to look into something like Click2Cast, or Clique. Both are pretty out of date, but both work still. I personally just write my own macros, but if you don't know what you're doing it can be frustrating. For example, if you don't know what's wrong with this macro, you may want to use a mod to handle it for you: /cast [target=mouseover,help] Renew; Renew

    (For the sake of potentially helping someone with macros: Without the 'exists' tag in the first portion the second portion of the macro is superfluous and if you try to use it without a mouseover target nothing will happen. It will try to cast Renew on whatever your mouse is over and if it's not over anything it will lock up.)

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    Re: Healing frames?

    I have used perfectraid for a long time. It's a simple add-on that shows all the info you need. Although it's a beta add-on, I loved it.


    Though since 3.3.3 I switced to Grid, just to try something else. I must say I like grid aswell, though I need to get use to the little dots in every corner of the frame.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    Grid + Clique, nuff said

    The endless configuration possibilities are just awesome, i use it on every char, even Tanks and DD's for better overview and easier buff application (misdirection, focus magic and so on)

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    Re: Healing frames?

    Grid, best frames ever.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    I am a Grid fanatic because it's user-friendly and I can track my PoM and renews. I use it in conjunction with Decursive.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    IMO, VuhDo really is THE healing add-on. I think it's superior to Grid because it has virtually the same configurability while not requiring multiple plug-ins and Clique to achieve it. Further, it has at least a couple nice features that, AFAIK, Grid does not have. For instance, I think the cluster detection alone makes it the best add-on for Holy Priests, Druids and Shamans (I don't think that feature would be particularly useful to Disc or Pallies).

    Besides those, Pitbull works is an alternative to Grid, but I really wasn't very happy with it when I played around with it. I would also advise against XPerl because it's a little bloated and still isn't as configurable as the aforementioned add-ons. Despite what others will say, I do think Healbot is a okay choice for inexperienced healers because it works pretty much out of the box so you don't have to take much time configuring it when you're not really sure what you do and don't need to see; however, with the tutorials out there, there really isn't a good reason not to just go right to VuhDo or Grid+Clique rather than learning one add-on then relearning a better one later.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    Quote Originally Posted by harky
    Stay away from things like Healbot.
    I use Healbot, I've tried the others and Healbot takes less time to configure and pretty much does the same thing. I can still track my HoT's, my PoMs, my Shields, diseases, etc. It works for me, has never hindered me in any way shape or form, and I give it my seal of approval :P
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    Re: Healing frames?

    I have to vouch of pitbull as well. Like the another poster said, it takes a while to set up, mainly due to finding where everything is. But its FULLY configurable if u take the time, and its not just raidframes, its every single frame in the UI. Which means that you don't need both a raid and unit frame addon. And i can't imagine playing with normal unitframes, they are so big and in really awkward positions.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    I use SuF and VuhDo.

    For starters I would use X-perl and then after a while when you want more customization and options, try VuhDo. What I liked about X-Perl was that PoM feature. It would fly across the raid frames and on the next target. I thought it was awesome.

    Try all of them out and find which one works for you. The hard part is customizing them to your liking. I customized mine so that

    1) when I right click on the raid frames it will cast CoH (doesnt matter who you target).
    2) Lists people with aggro with **xxxx** for those who have aggro so I can PW:S/renew
    3) Ranger finder
    4) have a countdown on my HoTs and Shield
    5) Play a sound when a Debuff appears
    6) When I scroll up or down it will dispell magic/abolish disease
    7) Show incoming heals to the right of the frame so I know I don't need to heal them

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    Re: Healing frames?

    Grid+Keybinds=Perfect(For me anyway)
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    Re: Healing frames?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zinraa
    I use Healbot, I've tried the others and Healbot takes less time to configure and pretty much does the same thing. I can still track my HoT's, my PoMs, my Shields, diseases, etc. It works for me, has never hindered me in any way shape or form, and I give it my seal of approval :P
    The fact that it takes less time to configure Healbot is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, you can install it and be healing a 5-man 10 minutes later, but the reason you can do that is because it doesn't have the level of configurability that other add-ons do. Sure, you can see most of the important information, but once I switched to using indicators rather than icons (as Grid and VuhDo both allow but, last I checked, HealBot didn't), I found I could see a signficant amount more information in less space. Similarly, Healbot lets you watch custom debuffs, but you simply configure a single method for watching all of them; when you get in a complicated fight where there may be multiple important debuffs up at a time, each of which needs fast reaction, it becomes borderline useless. With VuhDo, I can configure each custom debuff individually.

    So yeah, Healbot works, in fact, it works quite well for how simple it is, but utlimately, being able to organize the information in a quick and intuitive format means that the higher level of configurability that other add-ons provide makes them the superior choice for any serious raider.

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    Re: Healing frames?

    I actually haven't given VuhDo much of a chance, I have it installed but disabled it because I haven't had time to sit here and figure out how to configure it to do what I need it to do. I may actually sit here and play with it tonite or in the morning and see what it's like. Thanks for actually giving constructive feedback and not being a prick about it ;D
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