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    Re: Discipline gemming.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nehhmo
    It will ever depend on personal preferences. There is no perfect gemming for priests.

    Go oom? Gem Spell+Int & Spell+MP5
    No mana problems? Gem pure Spell+Haste & Spell+MP5 (or pure Spell)
    Don't want to regem for every new boss? Balance your stats.

    While fundamentally this is true, how Disc priests define "mana problems" varies. Some Disc priests, even those in H ICC, are uncomfortable if their mana drops below 50% and gear/gem to avoid that.

    I would endorse the philosophy that every Disc priest should expect to use Shadowfiend and HoH. Push your throughput as far as you can (Runed rubies in particular) and rely on your mana regen tools so you can maximize your healing contribution without going OOM.

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    Re: Discipline gemming.

    I'm no priest expert -far from it- but if as some say,he is gemming spell power to boost his PW:S absorbs then why isn't he using the t10 4-set bonus?

    Armory link ^

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    Re: Discipline gemming.

    Heh, I was looking at that earlier. He's using a Crit helm from GS Battle25 Heroic if I remember the armoury correctly. I found it a bit weird, s/he may be in the same situation as me and was geared around not having the, at the time, terrible bonus. I'm now working on farming the badges, I have 214~ and I need to buy the Head, Shoulders and Legs (to go with my gloves).
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