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    Worth speccing Disc for LK? 10man


    To extract from the thread, the question was whether or not Disc was necessary for LK 10. While the short answer is no, the discussion quickly expanded to which is better for LK: Disc or Holy, which is far from clear cut and is a common question for many priests, who play both specs relatively equally. Why end the discussion?


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    Re: Worth speccing Disc for LK? 10man

    Firstly, this is a little sad, are you trying to go on a crusade? If you have a problem with moderation, you can talk to us or talk to our superior. You cannot make a thread discussing it, which is why you have caused this thread too to be locked and edited.


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    OP asked a question, he got an answer which was satisfactory to him. I'm confused that you managed to read the long post but not the short one following.
    Seriously, read posts.
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