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    Mage Living Bomb/Decurse macro.

    This post originated here in the mage class forums, but I'm going to ask here as well just in case someone is better equipped to answer it.

    Basically I want to know if there's a way to edit this macro:

    /cast [@mouseover,harm] Living Bomb; [@mouseover,help] Remove Curse

    So that

    1) The decurse portion will automatically target myself first.
    2) The mod allows me to maintain my keybinds. Ideally this will be on the "1" key, and pressing "1" with a hostile targeted will cast Living Bomb, but when I mouseover a friendly target, I would be able to decurse by pressing the "1" key and maintain my current hostile target.

    Are these edits possible?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: Mage Living Bomb/Decurse macro.

    I'm trying:

    /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, harm, exists, nodead] Living bomb; [mod:alt, target=player] Remove Curse; [nomod, target=mouseover, help, exists, nodead] Remove Curse; [nomod, harm] Living Bomb; [nomod, help] Remove Curse

    But it seems a bit bulky. I'm wondering if there's a way to slim it down.

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    Re: Mage Living Bomb/Decurse macro.

    "Target yourself first", I assume, is supposed to mean "Target yourself first if you have a curse on you". That is not possible, since macros can't make decisions based on something like this.

    /cast [@mouseover, help]Remove Curse; [help]Remove Curse; [harm]Living Bomb; [@player]Remove Curse
    If your mouseover is friendly, Remove Curse them; If you target a friendly, Remove Curse; If you target an enemy, Living Bomb them; Otherwise, Remove Curse yourself.
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    Re: Mage Living Bomb/Decurse macro.

    This is the same macro you were working with Teck but slimmed down. Still does everything you want.

    /cast [nomod,@mouseover,harm][nomod,harm]Living Bomb;[mod:alt,@player][nomod,@mouseover,help][nomod,help]Remove Curse

    Gershuun @ Borean Tundra US - Interface & Macros Moderator

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