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    Re: Disc Priest And Lich King 25.

    I'm usually able to keep everyone shielded for every infest in 25m. As long as you don't shield the tanks your Rapture CD will be ready for every Infest, and that will mean tons of mana when it procs on 15+ people at time. The shields tend to be a little staggered eventually due to Weakened Soul, the time it takes to blanket people, and the fact that Infest doesn't fully eat maybe 1-5 Infests will sneak through as the fight goes on but a huge portion of the shields tend to be Rapture procs still.

    I usually end Phase 1 with close to full mana, about 80%+ with using PW:S, Penance, and PoM the entire time.

    It's a long fight too, so remember that using Hymn of Hope and Shadowfiend early is a good thing, you'll get 2 uses out of them this way. I try to use Hymn nearthe end of Phase 1, and then Shadowfiend a little after we get to the edge in Phase 1.5. There's lots of AE damage there so I can spam PW:S, PoH, and PoM and still end that small Phase with ~80%+ mana. Then by time 5 minutes is up, I'll be around 15% mana, pop a pot and Fiend/Hymn is up any second and I can finish the fight from there easily.

    Quote Originally Posted by MilkaMaus
    in lk non hm there isnt really a need to put a disc in charge of shielding, infest is low and can be healed by a druid.
    Of course there's no need, but it's definitely the most mana efficient way to deal with it due to Rapture, this way all it takes is PW:S and a CoH. Helps the other heals keep their mana too.

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    Re: Disc Priest And Lich King 25.

    Such comments about horrible mana problems in 25LK normal without abusing Rapture is just not true. You do need to be smart with your mana however.

    Phase 1, your focus should be on shielding the two tanks, keep PoM popping, and a penance on the tanks, usually the add tank. You should end phase 1 with 80% mana

    Phase 2, again, mostly on the spirit tanks, PoM around. PWS on the raid is wasted. The AOE damage is low and much more efficiently covered by WG, CoH, and CH. End phase 2 with near full mana

    Phase 3, mana dump. I spam shields on range and healers first. Melee are most often clumped together and easily covered by smart heals. In case a range strays due to Defile or the like, the shield covers them. I also back-up tank heal, especially when a pally gets picked up. I usually end p3 with around 10-20% mana. I use fiend and HoH at the end of P3 or on the 1st add in p4 and I'm at near full mana.

    Phase 4, not very mana intensive. I usually shield melee. In case a couple viles reach them, it buffers them nicely. Of course, shield and penance harvest soul. If I get harvested, I pop a mana pot when I come out.

    I don't downrank shields. I don't switch gear; I use max SP gear as I always do as Disc. I am somewhat conscious of Rapture procs in p3, but I don't avoid shielding tanks.

    Reviewing our logs, one of our resto druids got 6 innervates for 47000 mana. Rapture gave me 44000 mana, plus another 16k from fiend.

    Instead of worrying about downranking or other silly things, use your mana wisely. There is no reason for you to raid heal in p1 and 2. You're not being lazy. The raid damage is very small, widespread, and easily covered by HoTs and smart heals which are cast anyway, whether or not you shield. Dump a full mana bar in p3. Fiend+Hymn it all back into p4 and you're golden.

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