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    PvE Priest

    Ok, my priest is almost 80 and I am wonder what I should get for DS for him I know that I am going to heal and DPS maybe but what 2 would be best to get into pugs.

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    Re: PvE Priest

    Either of the healing specs,
    disc is pretty good atm, I think its easier to start out as disc aswell.

    Though, (mastering) holy in the end feels more rewarding imo

    2nd spec make it shadow for easy soloing or for if you're tired of healing

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    Re: PvE Priest

    Discipline is nice for running dungeons, though try both and decide what you like more.
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    Re: PvE Priest

    disc for dps imo. smite spam gets me like 2.5k dps ITS OP!

    nah but yeah i play a troll disc priest and heroics are a lot easier as disc imo. Bubbles and relax for 30 sec lol. occasional PoM and flash heal. as holy it is slightly harder but still easier. and yeah shadow as dps.
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