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    Shadow Priest gear question

    Have a problem here. Which do you guys think I should use for PvP:

    Is it worth replacing wrathful with emblem/tailoring gear to get a lot more haste?

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    Re: Shadow Priest gear question

    I'd sa it depended on your setup (incidentally you have Wrathful gloves in one example, but only Furious in the other? ¬.-). If you're the one who generally gets burnt down/focused on, go for the resilience. If you're with someone else who gets bursted down before you (and this won't change with the HP hit you take from equipping the PvE gear) I'd say you should use the extra haste.

    Incidentally I'm not exactly PvPing on the same level as you, so feel free to disregard my advice if it's nonsensical

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    Re: Shadow Priest gear question

    Well here is an explenation

    If I use 4 set bonus, then I but Wrathful chest next week and just stay the way I am now.
    But if I get the emblem chest and tailoring legs I will buy wrathful gloves instead of chest of course.

    It is pretty complicated, but I will probably take the 2 set PvP and when I get wrathful shoulders I will keep my chest or legs and get 4 set bonus PvP.

    Ohh and thank you for your reply

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