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    Absorbs on twins?

    Aware this is bugged - Just had to demote a player from officer today from never making raids. Said player said he did 23k GAPS on twins in regular toc 25. Then told me if I wanted to learn disc, I should ask him. He said it out of spite from the demotion, but -i'm- just wondering if it's possible to do with his stats or if he really was just being a dick?

    2280 spellpower
    24% crit (with holy talents)
    518 haste.
    2set t9 no other tier to speak of.

    Predicting damage - the right way.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    Yup what? :/

    Predicting damage - the right way.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    I was doing about 75k HPS+ with absorbs on the 1st phase of Lich King with about 35% crit and 3k spell power so ya I'd say it's possible. At times I was pushing 25k at the end of phase 2.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    oo nice, on twins all I did (Back in the toc days) was keep pom on CD and shield everyone nonstop. I never made it to 23k HPS in regular toc 25m. Would be nice to see an experiment nowadays I suppose.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    ya that's what i do shield spam and keep pom on cool down and if i see a tank dipping i cast a penance.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    Yeah, I got like 17k gaps max, never 23 though, he's about as geared as I was back then as well. I kinda wanted to call him out I guess, nonstop shield spamming with his spellpower doesn't seem possible unless its heroic twins.

    Predicting damage - the right way.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    if you don't have a mod that shows who has a pws shield on them and who has a weakened soul debuff on them you probably should, maybe that is why he was doing more, he wasn't over shielding (putting a shield on them when they already have a shield on them).

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    Are you people out of your minds? How does 8-10k 'healing' per bubble add up to that much?

    Meters that try to guess how much something absorbs get completely borked on twins because people are constantly absorbing either the light or dark aura.

    Furthermore you aren't a dps, I don't think it's ever justified to epeen about HPS, because total healing is a number that just makes more sense.

    When multiple shields get hit at once for their entire value, you're going to get 'per second' numbers that skyrocket. A great example of this is to bubble the raid right before fighting that giant before Stinky and Precious. When he stomps and breaks all your shields at once, you'll see something like 9230582930582093502 absorbs per second. Following the same logic, the only reason the 'per second' value is so high on LK is because infest hits everybody at once for a relatively large value.

    Twins, with a periodic damage aura, will never give such high numbers. Priests have something like 10 healing spells, I suggest you learn to use them too.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    As Lysdexic points out, those numbers are not realistic, even though they may legitimately be coming from Skada or RecountGuessAbsorb. The combat log doesn't say whose absorb is responsible, so it can only take it's best guess. Considering that there's a lot of absorbs inherent in the fight, it can inflat your numbers drastically. IMO, shield spamming, while it may make for pretty numbers, isn't the best way for Discipline to execute that fight, especially if you have a sufficient combination of Druids and Holy Priests. Instead, I'd prefer to see a Disc Priest keep shields on tanks and soakers, keep PoM on CD, Penance/shield spikes, and throw some PoHs to keep things smooth.

    Same goes for the LK numbers. You get massive HPS because all the absorption happens at once, and then you go a while with effectively no healing, so you end up with some very misleading numbers.

    Either way, chances are he wasn't exactly lying, but if he's that good, he should also be knowledgable enough to know that the math just doesn't work out for that kind of HPS with his stats and that the tool he's using is inherently flawed and going to inflate his numbers. As for whether he's a dick, well, that's your call.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    Well he's a dick for complaining about being demoted in a raiding guild (i'm assuming) for missing raids. If you're an officer in a raiding guild, you should probably be at the raids, or why would it matter if your an officer? Tacking on the dissing your HPS while stroking his epeen just makes me think you made the right choice. As for the absorbs I would trust the good fellows above my post for info.

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    Re: Absorbs on twins?

    The fight is bugged, so is any fights that involves shielding from multiple sources. Meters, log parsers rely on combatlog to caculate the amount of shielding applied in any given fight, but currently combatlog gives no way to deduce which absorption came from whose shield.

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