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    Left soundchannel dead (headset)


    I bought a steelseries 5Hv2 headset four months and a week ago. Just now I noticed the left channel starting to fade, then after a while going completely quiet.

    I've tried updating firmware, running without the USB-soundcard, restoring firmware to factory default, cleaning it, rebooting twice, tested it with my iPod and another coputer, but no prevail.

    I apologize for the little info, but does anyone recognize this problem, and does anyone have another solution?

    The warranty is expired, I'll buy new ones if there's no fix.


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    Re: Left soundchannel dead (headset)

    US: 1 year warranty on all products.
    EU: 2 year warranty on all products.

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    Re: Left soundchannel dead (headset)

    As suggested the warranty would be a good place to start, but since it fails to function on anything else, particularly on an ipod then I can safely say its broke.
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    Re: Left soundchannel dead (headset)

    Thanks for the responses, I was up to the store trying to claim the warranty yesterday.
    The guy working in the place where they take complaints/take back broken goods must've had a terrible day, or he was just an ass. He refused to give me money back, they wouldn't send it back for a repair and it was apparantly my own fault for the headset to break down.

    I filed a complaint to the Consumer Agency, so I'll hopefully get my money back and get a new headset.

    Thanks for taking your time answering this topic, please consider this closed.

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    Re: Left soundchannel dead (headset)

    Just alittle tip, Ive got my speaker system jamed in with my pc... Loud music same problem. Ive found input wire/The jack on the computer is fautly, so to fix it i press down on the jack wire and up alittle bit. This small test will show you if your jack is the problem as it will move the conecter around the whole.

    I know this might not make much sence but try it.

    EDIT: I will take a photo of it and show you what i mean :P

    EDIT 2: http://img186.imageshack.us/i/picture17g.jpg/

    Thats the wire im speaking of, follow the wire from your head set to the jack in on the back of your computer. Move the jack from left to right if you get nothing, push the jack VERY VERY softly inwards & then move it left to right softly to see if that correct the problems.

    IF this doesnt work your head set is not getting signal thus the problem you have.

    EDIT 3: To think of it, turn your volume up to max and listen to see if you can hear some feed back on the speaker. I get this before the speaker cuts out and relates to this fix

    I hope you get it working nothing wrose than listening to stuff with one speaker

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