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    wow online guide , does they really work ?

    hello guys , i hope you are all doing well .

    i am just asking , since i got away from the game for some time and i need some guides to help me lvl up 3 alts and to make shit load of gold in no time , does the online guides really work or they are just scams and you will get your account hacked 2 days later ?

    i just saw a guide for lvling and dailies and gold making and....... for 67$ and i am willing to pay it if it can help me .

    i know a lot of the guys will try to be dick to me for this question , but hey i am asking ok ? i havent done it yet


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    Re: wow online guide , does they really work ?

    There are free, allbeit not as efficient nor as featured levelling guides about.
    If you need an addon to tell you how to do your daily quests, then I would say you have something else to worry about more than buying a guide.
    If you intend to power level a lot of alts in a short time then you might see the benefit but since it in that case would be something that loses its usefulness after that time, then maybe not a good idea.
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    Re: wow online guide , does they really work ?

    No, not worth it at all. There is plenty of information out there which is free. And for the most part gold comes easy and leveling is faster than ever.

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    Re: wow online guide , does they really work ?

    I had one of those "gold faming guides" that you pay for and its complete garbage... It basicly tells you "buy low, sell high".
    PS. I didn't buy the guide, I got it from a friend that got it from his friend.

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    Re: wow online guide , does they really work ?

    Leveling guides - the only one I've used is Zygor guide.

    Is it good? Hell yes it is, it helps you with your specc, and shows you the best quests to do and the most efficient way to do them.

    Is it worth $50? No.

    You can find it on piratebay.

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    Re: wow online guide , does they really work ?

    Leveling Guide from WoW-Pro

    Gold Guide: Level up and do dailies.

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