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    Windows 7 burst freezing?

    First of all my PC is a custom built, Antec 900 case with extra fans, Core 2 duo 45nm 3.0 that i oc at times to 3.9 , Gygabite mobo , 750watt PSU , geforce GTX 260, and last but not least the bad part of it is 3 gigs of 1066 ram ddr2 [ i put this in becuase when i built it i only had windows xp in mind and since XP can only use 3.5 gigs of ram i said what the hell.

    THe problems im having relate to when im typeing and watching videos online like youtube and it seems to only be in Firefox.

    When ever im watching a youtube video at random points it will freeze for about 2 seconds and then keep going, the sound will go just fine its just the picture freezes then jumps to where it should be according to the time. Now this seems to just be with youtube, becuase [and dont laugh please] when watching pron [lolright?] i never see this problem in those videos veiwed through the browser. Now its not a internet problem becuase i can let the video fully load and it will still do the same thing, not to mention im on a 25 meg+ dl cable line.

    Now with typeing and which is what led me to post here becuase i was typing up strats on my guilds forums. Ill get about half way through typing a sentence or stop and backspace and then keep typeing and then it freezes as if the buff was full and then spits out everything i typed while it was frozen. It seems to only be in Firefox as well becuase i tried typing in Notepad and did not have this problem. Iv updated FF and redled it and scanned for virus/adware/malware, and nothing. Dont like IE but if this keeps up im going to have to go back to it.

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    Re: Windows 7 burst freezing?

    I would suggest trying the portable edition of firefox, see if the configuration or a firefox specific issue is at fault.
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    Re: Windows 7 burst freezing?

    Not sure what you mean by portable version? Like the mobile edition or the cell phone version.

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    Re: Windows 7 burst freezing?

    Quote Originally Posted by zeta333
    Not sure what you mean by portable version? Like the mobile edition or the cell phone version.
    Portable = no install, no registry hooks. Basically a version that's just a stand alone executable.

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