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    Help for Shadow Priest in Low Level Dungeons

    Hello all. I now have a level 30 shadow priest and I'm noticing that in most of the dungeonsI go to I either run out of mana doting and mind flaying everything or by the time I get to casting a spell things are already dead or half dead. Since I have no real aoe (aside from spamming holy nova??) I basically just throw SW:P on everything and then tab target mind flay because it seems like if I cast anything but mind flay everything is dead before the spell goes off. Should I be doing something different? I think I do very well on the bosses, but my problem is finding a balance between blowing all my mana on small packs of creatures and doing enough dmg to make a difference. Right now I have SW:P and Mind Flay glyphs. Any suggestions on how to maximize my efforts while not going mana broke every 2-3 packs of bad guys would be appreciated!

    Edit: I have all the BoA pieces including 2 of the spell power/return mana ones and mostly "of the eagle" items in the other slots.

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    Re: Help for Shadow Priest in Low Level Dungeons

    At your level, it's probably best to just spam Mind Flay until you get to like level 50ish to conserve mana and use mind blast to finish mobs to pop your Spirit Tap.

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    Re: Help for Shadow Priest in Low Level Dungeons

    Thank you for the suggestion. What changes at level 50? Vampiric Touch?

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    Re: Help for Shadow Priest in Low Level Dungeons

    Yup VT will help, but also, pick up the spirit gear, which will allow you to regen some mana after you deliver the killing blow. Just make sure to throw a Mind Blast or Holy Fire on a mob about to die. Then, with a lot of spirit (you shouldn't need the stamina from Eagle, just go with Owl) you will regen mana during each fight. Alternatively, do what I did and spec a Smite build and just go to pre-40 dungeons as a healer. Honestly, I would DPS as Smite until 50 and VT anyway.

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