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    Cast summon while having an active pet. Demon gets that debuff. Wears off after a five seconds, or when your new demon is summoned. Nothing new. It gives conflicting reports on duration depending on when it's canceled. You can get anywhere from 12 hours to 15 days on the duration.

    You used to be able to use DE with a Felguard out, then summon a new pet without the previous one being stunned by it. Not sure if you can anymore. Was fun because you could stun lock people with Intercept for about 5 seconds. Not that you can do anything else, but hey, it's funny.

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    haha N1 there.

    One question tho.

    Why the hell are you using a voidwalker in a raid?
    You cannot bandage a bleeding target...
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    I got this problem in ICC a few weeks ago, all I done was summon in a imp then resummon my current pet.

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    Summoned the wrong pet and was summoning the proper one. That's why the Voidwalker has that debuff. :P

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    no no no, Grimphog was there to TANK!!!!!

    i'm a bit impatient, my VW can tank Naxx10 trash :P

    but seriously, Grimphog is a mighty VW, don't you ever doubt him.

    and yeah, i was able to fix it later, unfortunately, because it was hilarious.

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